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What is the perfect black hairstyle for 2015/2016?  Well, that’s maybe a million dollar question but one thing is for sure, you’ve definately come to the right place to find out.  Our aim with our site is to inform you, help you out, advise you and we are dedicated to finding you the very best of contemporary and stylish cuts that will make you pick up that telephone and book your rendez vous with your favorite hairdressers as soon as you stop reading.  We want to be your favourite and ultimate guide, we take pride and we take care of you our readers and we are totally devoted to our followers.  Henceforth, we are constantly adding new galleries and styling tips on a daily basis so make sure you go and take a glance at some of our great posts on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.  Like us, follow us, pin us, come along and join us and be part of our amazing gang.

To begin with, just type into your search bar the style that you’re looking for and then click.  It may be that you want to see some shorter black women hairstyles, maybe that one off uber fashionable and trendy mohawk cuts or maybe a fabulous and creative black braid style, then again it might be something even more specific.  Do that search and click that mouse and then go along and select one of the galleries above to see some great pictures, there are some awesome images and you can just go along and check over some of your favorite hairstyles for 2015/2016 and don’t forget, you can also pick up incredible ideas and useful tips and tricks.

So let’s get down to it and start talking actual styles.  We’ve seen it all, the brilliant styles and the absolute disasters, black hair can be dramatic and striking but it can also all go horribly wrong.  The  incredible and natural marvel of that fabulous black hair is that it’s bountiful and it’s beautiful, something to be enviable of, however, there’s just a couple of things, it’s only amazing if you get it cut well and carefully look after it.  After that the only thing left is getting that ever important style right.  It’s vital and you want one that’s going to last until the next fashion change!  It’s often difficult to choose the correct style, there is so much to consider and think about and you don’t want to get stuck in a rut with your look, you want one that’s both manageable and that will stand the test of a little time.  Well, let’s bring it into 2015 and discuss how you can find the best cut to suit the best trends of 2015/2016.

Best hairstyles and haircuts for black women

Best hairstyles for black women

Black women hairstyles and haircuts photos, tips and galleries

There’s no avoiding it, you’ve all seen it on the catwalks, in the magazines and out there on the high street, everyone is talking about it and so you will definately all know that one of the current hair trends in 2015 is, undeniably and very obviously long… and the longer the hair is the better it is.  Now it doesn’t actually matter if that very long cut is scraped back into a pony, tied up high into a gorgeous bun or just long and flowing as nature intended, the trend for this year is a sure fire long long long.

But as always, this year is not dedicated to just one look, it doesn’t have to be just down right long and flowing.  It’s also not the easiest look on the planet to achieve unless you’ve got a pretty fortune

tucked away that you’re happy to put into the pocket of you hairdresser for a set of decent hair extensions.  Another look that has made a very welcomed come back has to be that good old wet look.  Your hair will love it and it’s a great way to make your hair more maleable, look healthier and a great morning quick fixer for anyone that’s needing to just run on out of the door in a hurry to get going.  It works with all lengths and styles and always looks fabulous and sleek, anyone can manage to pull off that grungy wet look style providing that they have the obvious and relevant products required.  So get yourself down to your salon and go order your wet look products to keep up with the latest styling trends, it’s a great one and it’s as easy as one, two, three…

Additionally, there are always those classic favorite inbetween options that we all know and love.  It isn’t just immensely long that’s bang on trend for 2015/2016.  We are also clutching on to and loving the other alternatives from that cute boy crop that looks so good with black hair to that sleek and chic, classic bob cut.  It can be short and snappy or long and layered, half up, half down, you decide, the bob’s still there, as an old faithful that you’ve always loved and it’s looking like it’s staying.  Hey, let’s face it, is it ever going to fade, probably not, we all love that smart bob cut!

So if you are looking for something that is out there and up to date, however, you’re wanting a style change that’s going to orbit you into 2015/2016 with a full on, head on bang, then you’ll need to take into consideration a few vital things that will add to the ingredients of making that perfect hairstyle work just perfectly for you.  You’ve got to wear that style and wear it loud and proud so you need to get it right and so it’s got to be foolproof from the outset, so just carry on reading to get some great tips and advice on what to consider when you’re going in for a complete style change.

Now let’s just take a look at things, how often do you just go with the trends without any consideration to how your face shape is going to work that style that you are after?  Have you ever thought that maybe you shouldn’t be get a sweeping and scalloped bang cut as it is going to just shorten your already oval shaped face.  Here are some essentials to knowing what’s going to get it going on the style front, what to definately be doing and what to definately not be doing!

So, first and foremost, one of the most important tips!  Don’t make any quick fire decisions, you don’t want to have spent the last three years growing your hair to a reasonable length and then after a totally bad hair day just go in and cut it all off knowing that in a couple of weeks you’re going to be starting the process all over again and right from the very beginning… unless you happen to have a self destruct button within you and love feeling emotional pain!  The other thing that you need to take caution over is that if you’re going to have a complete restyle, make sure that you own the tools and time to handle that change.  You don’t want to be getting up at five in the morning just to enable you to get out of the door by eight thirty!  So, finally, you need to take into consideration « will this work for me ».  Try and visualize it, use all the tricks that you can get your hands on from google searches to cutting out your gorgeous face on a piece of paper and using glue to slap that style in place, it may sound crazy but try it, it’s important, it’s vital, you really have to get it right.

I’m sure that you’re all aware that all of this advice is a big player in the choosing and deciding but does it actually run any further than that?  Your stylist will be able to help you along the way with recommending how it should look in accordance with trends and fashions but you have lady luck definately on your side in that you already have the bear bones of fantastic in the form of a beautifully thick and bountifully abundance of hair to work with that you can work and own like a true professional.

We are in regular daily contact with the people that know from the hairstyling and salon industry specializing in solely black women and their hair.  On this basis we are motivated and very keen to promote each and every trend that becomes popular with black women as soon as we hear about it.  We have our ears and eyes on where it’s all happening, we’re in the hub of it, always searching and learning to bring you the best information possible the minute it hits the streets.  If you also have something to say, something you wish to share, some great feedback about the black women hairstyles that you’re reading about in this site then please do not hesitate to contact me, I am waiting to hear from you and I’d love to discuss things further.  I hope you’re enjoy reading these articles and continue reading to discover more.  The information is here and at your very fingertips,  it’s here for you, enjoy and revel in it, love the galleries, try out the tips and then just go ahead and share it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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