Short black hairstyles

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So the challenge has begun, you’ve decided that you want to rock an awesome crop but you are now left with that demanding feat of having to choose a brand new style to take along to your favorite stylist and you don’t know where to begin.  The vision is there, you know that you’re looking for something that is actually visionary in itself but you don’t know how to take it to the next level.  You need to be able to clarify that look, make it work with your own individual style.  That thought that is culminating in your head now needs to go from those fabulous idea stages and it needs to move up a gear and become a reality and to do that you’re going to need to take your conception and put yourself into your stylists capable hands.

You are fully aware, totally concious of the fact that a woman’s hair is a vital accessory, it speaks volumes to the outside world, it’s the defining item that you’re going to be wearing from day to do, it’s your ultimate, your crest and your crowning glory.  And aren’t you the lucky one to have been bestowed with that magnificence.  Black hair is luscious, it’s sexy and it gives off some great sex appeal, it’s thick, it’s curly, it’s beautifully black as the sky is night and the envy of many, however, a short cut is a big step and a step that needs to be right.  If you’re going to go in for a short crop then you need to remember that short can be quite radical, it’s sophisticated and it’s sleek but it’s certainly there to stay for a while should you go along to your salon and take that plunge.

Short hairstyles black women

Short hairstyles black women

There’s a whole drove of styles and cuts to choose from when you look at the short haircut fashions, they range from really a quite full and drastic boy crop to those varieties that are much tamer,  yet if you are thinking of having a hair shake up and are tempted by one of these crops then why not take a look through some of our fantastic photographs that we have in our galleries.  We’ve got celebs and stars galore in them, from Alicia Keys to Janet Jackson and who could forget about Rihanna and Halle Berry, just some of the stars from those halls of fame that rock and jolt those short haircuts like a dream.

So go on, think about taking the plunge, dive in and crop it short, but if you are still just in that all important ideas stage then why not start Pinning It on Pinterest.  Get along and check out our Facebook pages and don’t leave out those all important Tweets on our Twitter page.  There are some fabulous ideas on all of our world wide web and social media pages so just go and shoot along to them and take a look.

Curly short hairstyles

Short black hairstyles 2015

Short black hairstyles 2015

Short hair is always going to be a totally awesome and striking option, it’s chic, it’s stylish and in addition it is always going to give you a sophisticated and luxurious air of elegance.  Yet styling short hair, albeit an often versatile option, can also be quite difficult at times to get it right, so you’re going to need to hit that high note that you require for a heads up and for a bang on trend.  When it comes to styling that short crop we are all conscious that it can allow you to show off your awesome character, that beautiful inner personality and also demonstrate how independant and distinctive your way of life is… but is it really that easy?  It going takes effort, it’s not braids that require just a quick moisturizing mist of a morning, it’s going to need styling, it’s going to need effort and it’s going to need some time.  It’s also going to require some regular trips to your stylists to enable you keep on top of it.  Yet it’s not just the styling that you are going to need to keep on top of, you’re also going to need to keep on top of the maintenance of it, looking after it and keeping it in a healthy and tip top condition.  Yet, let us not also forget that it was created for women like you, it’s a great haircut for blackwomen and it was put there to make you look even more beautiful and to look even younger, who can complain at that.  To boot it can also give you that air of confidence and a look of intelligence at the same time, we certainly can’t ask for more than that?  So take a look, have a browse, if you are planning to go in at the deep end and surrender to that fabulous short cut that you’ve been hankering after, then get yourself some great ideas.  Our galleries have some awesome short hair cuts for black women, some terrific and phenomenal looks and styles that you know you just want to go out and try on for size.

Short black hairstyles 2015 / 2016


Short haircuts black women 2015

Short haircuts black women 2015

The African American woman has been blessed with something magnificent and magical, that gorgeous curly hair that’s thick and quite simply, beautiful.  So embracing those curls, opening your arms and working with them is the right thing to do and working them with short hair should definately be up there as an option.  Short curly hair is an easy cut, it’s fun and it’s trendy and a real head turner on the sidewalks.  It’s a great look if you get it right and it’s damn easy to achieve and 2015/2016 is rammed full of cuts and styles to choose from.  Short can be ranging from that awesome boyish crop to a delightful and curly cascade that falls just above the shoulder line.  It’s bang on trend and out there and is also befitting to any occasion that life’s going to throw at you.  It looks awesome for the office and it’s going to dazzle at a party, wear it with pride and wear your curls short and chic!

That Afro-American lady is always going to be exceptionally fashionable when it comes to hairstyling, she is always going to be stunning and full of character and grace.  The beauty of that sophisticated and exquisite short hair is that it’s always relatively easy to style and maintain and it will never be too difficult to add personality to it with a gorgeous change of shade or color.  With your amazing skin tones you can play around with a whole host of tones that will work wonderfully with your look and evolve your style on a regular basis.  Click through and look at what you can do and then pick up the phone and make that rendez vous with your stylist today.

Go along to our photo galleries, revel in those crops that our stars and celebreties are loving, Halle Berry is always going to pull off that pixy crop in awesome style, Rihanna loves an evolving look and does short magnificently.  We’ve got a multitude of them to go through so what are you waiting for, get searching and get clicking, get liking, get tweeting and get pinning.

So for something exquisite and stunning, something that’s going to add some sophisticated glamor to your life, add a short and curly hairstyle to your wardrobe that will be, quite simply, beautiful.

Black women short hairstyles trends

Short hairstyles for those gorgeous black women are out there in their droves, you can rock a crop at any time of the year, there is a multitude of shapes and shades to choose ranging from the neat and chic to the full on crazy so why not think about giving it a whirl.  And to get you in the mood

and give you even more ideas of cuts and styles why not shoot along to our photo galleries, see how our favorite stars and celebs and sporting those all out awesome crops!  Take a look, go and see Rihanna, she’s the perfect example of how to sport a short and curly hairstyle with spirit and character.  She’s a massive fan of changing her look on a regular basis and we can’t get enough of it.  She’s done it short, she’s done it long and she’s done it all in a myriad of different shades and colors.  So, click on the galleries, look through some incredible photographs and see, alongside some others, how Rihanna has done wonders with those fabulous short haircuts, she’s a true style inspiration and looks one hundred and ten percent stunning.  Someone who definately knows how to work it like a diva!

And it’s not only our galleries that you need to be perusing through, we’ve got some amazing pages to also check out on those social media pages that we all know and love so well.  Go and Pin It on Pinterest, go and Like it on Facebook and don’t forget to go and Tweet it on Twitter.  We love you and we want you to love yourself and love us too!

And it’s not only our galleries that you need to be perusing through, we’ve got some amazing pages to also check out on those social media pages that we all know and love so well.  Go and Pin It on Pinterest, go and Like it on Facebook and don’t forget to go and Tweet it on Twitter.  We love you and we want you to love yourself and love us too!

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Layered hairstyles for black women

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There are so many looks out there for you gorgeous black women, so many decisions to make and there’s also a whole ton of styling options for you.  You love your hair and you want to make the best of it.  You want to give it something that will get talked about, something that’s going to frame your face and make you look awesome.  There’s nothing nicer than a soft structure to your appearance, it’s just plain nice to look cute and to look gentle and some great ways of achieving this is to add some adorable soft lines to your hair.  This is the moment whereby layers walk through the door and start loving you.  Layered hair adds texture to it, it enhances a wave and adds some body to that full on and sensational curl.  It will take some weight away and add some romantic volume at the same time.  It’s going to give your hair some smooth flexibility that delicately makes your look just all out sweet and sensational, add an even bigger touch of glamor to it.

Long layered black hairstyles

Long layered black hairstyles

There are so many options out there with this look and it will help you keep cool when the temperature outdoors is rising, it’s the blossoming look for the forthcoming spring and it will launch you into 2015 in some sort of style.  It can be worked on that glorious longer hair or into those amazing boyish crops and it loves those sophisticated classic bob cuts.  It’s going to add some confidence to your already fabulous look and it’s loving all face shapes and ages.  It’s timeless and elegant all rolled into one so get booking that rendez vous and get your stylist working some magic with those scissors!

layered black hairstyles 2014

Layered black hairstyles


Short layered hairstyles for black women

Short layered hairstyles for black women are ridiculously easy to manage and maintain, additionally, they suit every personality and hair characteristic.  If you decide that you want to plump for soft feathers, it will be gentle to your face and instantly be kind to you.  It’s going to super simple to style and it will make you feel as if you have just injected something sensational and characteristic into your life.  It loves a round face shape and it can’t get enough of a long or square visage.  A gorgeous sweeping side fringe begs for this look, you can give it some all out choppy grading for a bang on trend look that is up to date and current.  This year is adoring layers and it’s hard to find something not to love about it.  Get browsing through some of our photographs of our awesome stars and celebs, Rihanna just loves some layers and Halle Berry is always rocking them and they are not the only ones.  So get inspired and get going with some gorgeous soft grades in your life.

Products also love this look, hair wax laps up layers like nothing else on earth and the current wet look trend is also a massive fan.  You can play around with gel and mousses and sprays will take to those feathers like a duck to water.  It’s a great look and a real time saver, it’s going to be cool in summer and it’s going to get you out of the door and at your desk quicker than you can say when is my stylist free for a rendez vous.  So get dialling that salon and get booking that appointment.

Bob Layered hairstyles for black women

Bob Layered hairstyles for black women

Of course, you can also get searching through our social media pages at these awesome looks, get liking them, commenting them and sharing them on Facebook and don’t forget to Tweet your opinions and thoughts on Twitter and then just hop along and start Pinning on Pinterest, work your style board and get a look that’s going to rock your world.

Medium layered hairstyles for black women

Medium layered hairstyles for black women

We think that you are a clever bunch of ladies that are on our site and loving it and we respect you enough to know that you are fully aware that layers are going to suit more than a funky short crop so we are going to have a good old chat to you about those classic and sophisticated all singing, all dancing and gorgeous bob cuts. This is the one that a layers going to love! It’s the one that is cherished when it comes to working some gradient into your life. Choppy, feathered and layered bobs suit anyone, they love all of the face shapes, all of those sensational contours, they work you heart shapers like a dream and for long or square they are the epitomy of the icing on the cake. They will work a bang with electrifying glory and assymetrical was built for it. A layer will give a bob some fabulous texture, it will make it soft and make it gentle. It will frame your face and make it the focal point of your personality, people around you will love it and want to know all of your styling tips and tricks, you need to be negociating commissions from your stylist for all of those new customers you’re going to bring along. In essence, a choppy layered bob is close to perfection and it’s whipping up 2015 into a full on frenzy. It’s going to adore products, adore wet looks and adore you and your gorgeous black face.

A layered haircut is always going to need a regular trip to the salon but it is also easy to keep in tip top condition. If you go for this look, you will be having some fairly constant trims and snips, this will only help in the process of keeping the shine bang on. Your hair loves to not have breakages and split ends and keeping it in shape is the way forward. When your hair looks and feels nourished you will too. Get your hair product cupboard stocked up and start working with some different styles, change it on a daily basis and enjoy it, evolve your look with it and make yourself stand out and get yourself some heads turning on that sidewalk and work that wardrobe into the new and layered look that you love.

Of course, some of you don’t want to be sporting something that’s short, you maybe don’t want to be wearing a gorgeous bob cut, some of you have something that flows down a little longer, maybe you’ve got an expansion and you want to change it’s form. Layers work with any cut and any hair type and so you can work it into your style like a dream. Naturally long hair will always love a few feathers worked through it. It can instantly lighten up the weight of it whilst giving it some incredible volume that can look totally sensational. It doesn’t have to be layer throughout, the ends love a touch of shape and feathering, if you wear it straight it will look healthy and get rid of those split ends without compromising on the length of it, it will give it some all out style and you couldn’t really ask for more than that. Additionally, some soft and gentle feathers around the line of your face will also not leave you negotiating on the length of that beautiful long hair that you’ve patiently and lovingly grown over the years. It will give it an up to date feel and a sensation of luxury, it will do nothing short of enhance your face and bring out your eyes to boot. So if you are wanting to get that look that’s going to make you feel like a million and one dollars then start browsing through our galleries for some inspiration and then call your salon and book an appointment with your stylist. They are here to help and aid you, they are the professionals and they will be able to assist you in the decision and design process, they love it when you have some new and creative ideas and so give them a call today.

Here on this awesome site we are loving to furnish you with our multitude of tips and tricks, we’ve got our fingers on the pulse, our eyes peeled and our ears to the ground. On a daily basis we are talking, chatting, discussing with some of the leading salons and stylists. We are constantly on the look out for what’s hot, we are in the know about what’s not. We are on the ball with our galleries, we’re constantly updating and providing all the news on the sidewalks catwalks alike. We love our site and we love you too, we want you to appreciate us here and we want you to love and adore us in return. We also want your to get snipping and chopping, come up with something that was made for you, something awesome that’s going to fit that beautiful crown you’ve been bestowed with, rock those curls, rock that sensational black hair like the diva that you know you are.

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Short hairstyles for black women 2015 / 2016

Short black hairstyles gallery
Short hair on a black woman is both edgy and trendy, she can pull it off with complete aplomb and it can give her a fabulous and neat look that will always remain totally current and up to date.  There are an abundance of different ways to wear your hair and there is always a place on that busy fashion market for almost any which way you choose to wear your hair and short is no exception. It’s always going to remain modern and it’s always going to be swanky and chic.

More and more black women are plumping for this look, that short and boyish crop that looks so amazing on them. It’s becoming increasingly popular and in demand, it’s versatile very invogue and  it’s got the added benefits of looking just as amazing with the current 2015/2016 wet look mode.  For that, and many more reasons, it’s not really surprising that this trend is set to stay for the new season.

So go along and make that rendez vous, speak to your stylist, look through our amazing gallery of photographs, you’ll love how our stars and celebrities are wearing their short hair for 2015 and it’s clearly going to run right along into 2016.  It’s tidy, it’s clean, it’s in the mainstream and it’s sure to be ongoing.

One of the residing factors for a black woman to go for this short look is, of course, because it’s theoretically easy to maintain, and with the superb perk of wet look making an appearance on the sidewalks and catwalks, it’s just got a whole lot easier.   The short hairstyle for black women during 2015/2016 has to be all about attitude, it’s about confidence, making a stand, striking a pose and it’s

this style that has just that stamped all over it.  It’s flashy and it’s going to attract attention and it will give her appearance an air of liberation, make her noticeable and make her comfortable in her very own skin.

Very short hairstyles for black women

Very short hairstyles for black women

Top 10 short hairstyles for black women in 2015 / 2016

It can sometimes take some real strength to go in for this look, it may be cutting edge and up there in the style stakes but there’s no avoiding the fact that it can be a really big step for anyone to take.  Once that short haircut is there, it’s there to stay for a while, it’s not the pony that get’s taken down at the end of the evening, it’s a crop… but it’s going to look spectacular and breathtaking and is definately worth it.  Have a browse, take your mouse and get clicking, we’ve got some incredible photographs of celebrities in our galleries with some of the most gorgeous short crops to give some inspiration and some ideas.

Short hairstyles for black women 2015

Short hairstyles for black women 2015

Those phenomenal short hairstyles for 2015/2015 are fabulous on a black woman, so get it right and you’ll be exposing some of the finer points of your facial features, it will enhance those beautiful eyes and draw attention to your cheek bones, you’ll have an immediate edge, you’ll be a challenge to defeat on the style front and you’ll be trend setting with the best of them.  It will skyrocket you into modern, you’ll be known to be forward thinking and fashionably advanced.

Short hairstyles black women

Short hairstyles black women

So when we beging to think about that short style we know that invariably it’s going to have curl.  Those amazing and wonderful curls come in a variant of forms, they’re all unique and they are always going to be unique to you.  They’ve got contour, they’ve got format and they can come in all different ways from sublime to full on crazy.  So now’s the time to embrace them head on, work with those fantastic curls and let them in on the story, get your short cut done in a fashion that will match the hair you’ve been blessed with.  If it’s a smaller and tighter curl that you have and you don’t want to be styling and coiffing every morning before you go out to the office then get something befitting.  Alternatively, you might find that you have more time on your hands and prefer to be aiming for a more cascading curl that’s going to look fashion fabulous and give you an air of elegant sophistication.  Take some ideas, take them along to your favorite salon and get an opinion, ask them what they think about that 2015/2016 short look that you’ve chosen, they are the professionals that can help you and give you ideas.  However, to begin with, start browsing, start clicking, get on to our Facebook site and start liking, start pinning it on Pinterest and go ahead and Tweet on our Twitter pages.

2015 Short hairstyles black women

2015 Short hairstyles black women

Short easy care hairstyles for fine hair bob

Short easy care hairstyles for fine hair bob

So let’s talk about the short cut itself, once that you’ve looked through our fantastic galleries you’re going to very motivated to go and try it out for yourselves.  Yet I think that it’s great to give you all a reminder that those short doesn’t have to be one of those amazing pixie cuts or a choppy boyish crop.  They are sharp, sleek and incredibly stylish but it may well be that this is not going to suit your face shape.  As a rule, to pull off something that is that radical you’re going to need have one of those tiny, pixy like face to match the cut.  If you click onto our searches at the gallery of short haircuts you’ll soon begin to realise that a short haircut can also be a simple, yet chic and fashionably graceful bob style, for example, or alternatively you’ll also find some amazing looks for the longer, larger curls that just cascade down but stop well above the shoulder line.  Whatever the look that you are wanting to go for, you’ll need to take heed and talk to your stylist, do your homework and look at the photos, browse through, think about it, take your time and suddenly that look is going to jump out at you… it’s going to give you all the self confidence that you’ve always wanted and have been asking for.

short black hair

Short black hair

But let’s also not forget that also it’s a great look that you’ll be able to take out any time and any place, you will be able to wear it anywhere, the office loves this look and that fabulous party is invariably going to rock those short crops, it’s not going to be off the scale of daring, it’s just, quite simply, clean, neat, chic and sweet as a nut. You can adapt it to any curl or face shape, there’s a myriad of styles and cuts to choose from, but do your homework, get advice and then go out and work it like a true starlet, be at the top of your game with a great short haircut that you surely won’t live to regret.

And of course, on a vital and important note, always take care of that short crop, it’s going to be easier to maintain but nonetheless it’s still going to need that ever critical care to keep it looking healthy and in tip top shape and condition. Never skip that conditioner and always remember that a black woman’s hair is always going to adore and love a moisturizing mist to keep it looking sleek and shiny.

So if you’ve decided that this is going to be your look of 2015/2016 and that you have the self confidence to rock that gorgeous pixie short hairstyle or maybe that sleek and croppy bob then go ahead and check out our galleries, click on your mouse and ponder over some of our popular choices for the season. You find a great selection ranging from the coolest to the all out wildest of styles for black women from some of the market’s leading salons. Short styles are loving healthy hair and they are bang on trend for 2015/2016 and you can find everything from straight lines to soft curls. It’s totally adorable and waiting for you to book that appointment and start loving your short cut.

It’s going to look uber fresh at all times and you can adapt it for frequent change, sleek it down, mohawk it up a little, the variations are all there to try. Why don’t you just go ahead and look at some of the great styles that are celebreties and stars are wearing at the moment, see how they are achieving that amazing and well balanced look with ease and sophistication. And don’t forget that you can also experiment a little with some different shades and colors that will purely enhance that short hairstyle in the knowledge that it can evolve at the speed of light. It’s interchangeable and awesome so why not give it a go.

So now that you’ve done your browsing, searching and clicking, just go ahead and start pinning, we want you to be on our Pinterest, we love seeing you on our Facebook pages pushing that Like button and we are overjoyed to see your Tweets on Twitter so get along and find us on our social media pages today.

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Celebrity-look for black women 2015 / 2016

So let’s just all get it on and get talking about it, we know that our hair types are different to other’s out there, we know that we have that gorgeous black hair that needs that oh so special care and attention, it’s got character, it’s got spirit and it’s got bucket loads of charm, yet it also has a mind of it’s own.  The architecture and format is something that we need to be cherishing, those curls need to be ahered to and we need to be, quite simply, rocking them and working alongside them in harmony to make them look elegant, give them that vied after sophistication and grace that they, and we alike, deserve.  A black woman needs to find that great and that perfect haircut, something that is going to enhance her hair type yet we also are always going to have to pay caution to the shape and form of that beautiful face.  It’s going to take help and you’re going to need advice, you are going to need information, it’s going to take some serious searching, but it’s also fun to discover these new things and learn about what style is going to be best suited to you.

Short hairstyles for black women 2013 Short hairstyles for black women 2013 curly Short hairstyles for black women 2013 straight

This is the point where we really have to start embracing and loving the internet, we have blessed in our time but never as much as we were blessed when those clever people out there bestowed technology upon us.  That gorgeous world wide web has given us many answeres to that myriad of questions that we have and where better to start with that web search for the ultimate hairstyle than here.  We have, quite simply, a multitude of photos of our sensational and glamorous stars and celebs, we’ve got the tips and we’ve also got the tricks, get along to our galleries and start clicking away at finding out which style is going to suit that wonderful face and get that black crown rocking and a rolling.

Let’s take a look at some of those awesome cuts and styles that are going to make you look just adorable for the up and current season, let’s just go ahead and discover what’s out there and hot and what’s just not.  Whether it’s something that’s elegant and chic or something that’s crazy and wild, let’s get you all started on that ultimate search and start discussing those fabulous and fantastic short crops that we either love and already sport, or are considering.  It’s a big step if you’ve never done it, you’ll be walking in the salon with trepidation, you know you want it but you don’t know if you can really pull it off and wear it in style.  There’s a whole bunch of sensational short cuts out there that are going to love your cute face, it’s going to enhance those deep eyes and give you something award winning that’s going to work perfectly in harmony to give you a sculptured bone structure and remain bang on trend for the seasons ahead.

So stop sighing over that hair type that you’ve been blessed with, stop hankering after that thing that you just don’t have and start enjoying it, check out our sensational galleries and click on those photographs of our wonderful stars and celebs and start introducing yourself to some of those cool and bang on trend short hairstyles that 2015 and 2016 are offering to you.  And once you’ve done your clicking on our site, get yourself onto our Facebook pages and start loving, start liking, start commenting and start sharing your thoughts, our images and your ideas with your friends.  Tweet about it in Twitter and don’t forget to hop along and get Pinning away on Pinterest.

Why short?

Quick question… why oh why do you want to wear and rock it short.  Well, the simple answer to that huge question has to be because the doors are wide open, the arms are outstretched and the 2015 season is full on adoring it.  And rest assured, it’s not going to stop there, it seems and appears that it’s hurtling towards being an all out favorite for next year to boot.  Now we know, we are more than appreciative and attentive to the fact that you have a positive mound of that stuff, we know the trouble that it can cause and the difficulties that you encounter at times when you try to deal with it, but maybe this is the way to tame and control those pesky demons that you battle against.  Short doesn’t have to be wild, it doesn’t have to be unruly and it can be nothing short of awe inspiring and breathtaking.  Take a look at Halle Berry, draw inspiration from Rihanna, they love to rock a short crop or power pixie and they do it in style whilst subduing those curls that they’ve been gloriously blessed with.  Alternatively, work with them, get radical in on the act and go for something that’s seriously short and amazing, color it amber magic, work with the trends and get yourself some well deserved attention.  Get those heads turning on the sidewalks and take the plunge, you’ll look sensational and amazing and will just ooze sex appeal and confidence all rolled into one.


Well, this is one of those sections that you’re all going to be scrolling down to, don’t we just know it… naughty curls that just won’t do as they’re told!  Well, we’ve got some awesome news for you, short hairstyles love those naughties and they also love the noughties.  It’s the solution for unruly, it will make you look neat and fabulous, it will tame the best of them and give you that air of sophisticated glamor that you adore.  A great boyish crop or pixie cut is the absolute must and ultimate for anyone that is sick to the back teeth of battling the battle.  It will make it easy to maintain, it will make it even easier to style and it’s perfect for jazzing and dazzling with this years wet look trend that is hitting those sidewalks.  It’s loving naughty curls and it’s your kinship, your new best friend.  Get your salon in on the act and start getting along to that stylists chair so that they can work their sensational magic with those scissors and then get on out and buy yourself some luxurious products to make you feel like a million and one dollars.

Short hairstyles for black women 2013

Ideas for straight hair

Of course, some of you are going to buck them, you are in denial of them and intend to remain that way.  You don’t want the curl or you are just one of those that have been born without them… well, maybe!  So why not consider some chichi, sleek side bangs, some of those oh so awesome and gorgeous neat bobs that look so bang on trend.  Fix it up with a sculpted bang or go in for one of those heavy horizontals.  Straight hair crops are always going to be magical and work fabulously on black hair, they are always going to give something to the outside world that’s both dramatic yet cute.  Straight can be worked as a power pixie and worked at a dazzling bob, it’s easy and it’s neat

it’s adorable and it’s manageable and to boot it will always be acceptable whether it be in the office or at a glamorous party.  It is a bang on trend look that 2015 is loving and it’s hurtling it’s way forward into 2016’s agenda too.  Get over to our galleries and get some inspiration, see how our stars and celebs are sporting their straight hair, Tyra loves this look and don’t even get us started on Halle Berry and Rihanna, they are always giving straight some serious lip service.

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Short hairstyles are not for everyone

Short hairstyles for black women gallery
There is a whole bunch of questions pertaining to those gorgeous short crops but one of the main ones has to be «can I wear it»?  We guess that the answer to this million dollar question has to be, do you want to wear it?  Are you looking to sport a power pixie, do you want to go in for a crop that’s going to work the curl, are you ready to loose those locks that you’ve been growing over the years, change your style and look in a major way!  If you’re asking the question, can I wear it, then clearly it’s not something that you’re not currently styling and rocking.  In addition, if you are asking this question then you are also thinking quite seriously about it… and so the answer has to be, if you want it, then get investigating, start looking into which crop’s going to suit your gorgeous style and face shape, see what’s out there and get snipping.

short hairstyles for black women

Short hairstyles for black women

Let’s start this process with an explaination of what a short hairstyle actually is.  We think it’s clear and plain to any outsider that a shaved head is under this banner, it’s radical and it’s, in short, very short!  None existent in some cases!  Next we reckon you can put the power pixies, fairly obviously, onto that list of what’s short and what not without too much of a detailed explaination, it’s crystal clear!  Afterwards the lengths considered to be short start to get a little blurry… well, if you ask your salon (and you ask us), the experts, they will invariably say to you that short is anything that is a good few inches above the shoulder line and that includes a gorgeous and classic bob cut.

Short hair is decidedly attractive and striking, it doesn’t rule out bangs and it gives you an air of sophistication.  On the other upside, it’s ridiculously easy to maintain and also as easy to keep healthy and shiny which always is going to assist the process of looking glamorous much simpler.  A short crop is a timeless classic, it accentuates the face and can depth to the structure of your features, your cheek bones and jaw line will always look more refined and your eyes will become more visible to the outside world, cosmetics will look more prominent and accessories will stand out and be infinately more noticable.  It looks sensational on an amazing amount of people but always remember that it needs a regular and good cut to keep on top of it and keep you ahead of the game, there’s nothing worse than an overgrown short crop!  So get along to our galleries where we’ve got a multitude of photos and examples and start planning that choppy move today, you’ll find all the tips and tricks that you can possibly wish for to help you along that fabulous journey!

Short hairstyles trends

So let’s just have a look through the different short styles that can be worn by you beautiful black women with your sultry good looks and your fantastic skin tones.  Let’s decide together what you should be looking at and what you absolutely should not!  There’s a myriad of choice and color out there, surely there’s something out there for you too, why wouldn’t there be?  So get ready to dazzle and get ready to shine, here’s just a few ideas for starters and they all work around your face shapes and features to help you jump off the high diving boards and take the plunge.


short hairstyles for women over 50

Short hairstyles for women over 50

So to run through this, shape by shape, we are going to look at some of the ideal looks that you should be considering to get you some noticable attention and admiration on those sidewalks, something that’s going to work in perfect harmony with that gorgeous black face that you’ve been blessed with and to kick the ball over the garden fence and get us started we are going to look at the face shape that loves and adores short crops… and that has to be an oval!  It saps up all of the power pixies and radicals like Rihanna loves her ever evolving looks.  You can sport it almost in any which way you possibly choose to, from full on shaved with a fierce attitude right through to a romantic and curly, character bob.  You can work fringes long and you can work them short, in essence, this look was created for you and your oval gorgeousness and you can wear it like a dream.

You are the woman that should be dialling the salon right away, you should be booking your rendez vous with your favorite stylist, that is, if you’re not already sporting one of these gorgeous looks already!


shaved short hairstyles for black women

Shaved short hairstyles for black women

Of course, the natural progression from oval, has to be a round face shape and if it works on not quite round then clearly it’s going to rock you round faced beauties too!  Your face shape is going to love them all, the pixie is pixie perfect and the full on short croppy and boyish cut is going to welcome you with it’s arms outstretched!  You will always look awesome with this versatile look and dazzle where ever you choose to take it.  It’s going to give you sophistication and glamor like never before and work those hollywood dresses and killer heels to perfection.  There are nearly no «buts» yet where would we be in life without one?  We need at least one even if it is only a small thing… and you need to take pay caution to it, no matter how tempted you might be, no matter if you’re desperate for it.  And that but is the heavy horizontal bang!  Don’t do it, it’s going to shorten your face shape and not enhance your features at all.  Bob it or boyish crop it by all means but don’t straight liner a fringe!  You can do a gorgeous sweeping side step if you like, you can add height and spike it, but don’t heavy liner it!

Now if you have one of those gorgeous little faces that is all cute like a pretty little heart, you’ll already be used to loving and adoring it.  They are so charming and delightful, they are the epitomy of sweet and short hair also can’t get enough of it and this is the one that you can do in just about any way shape or form like an oval, but one thing you may well want to look at is a nice sweeping side bang.  Those great bang’s will draw some sensational attention to your eyes and bring out those dainty features to make you look like the icing on the cake.  Yet again, however, like with the beautiful round shaped faces, avoid that heavy lined and horizontal bang if you can possibly help it.

Now the next two that are left on this subject are, firstly, you glamorous girls with those long faces.  You know that your rock it long and you’re always going to look amazingly interesting, you rock some color and you rock the curls in a serious way but you can also rock a short crop… well, shortish!  If you have been blessed with one of those simply beautiful long and graceful faceshapes you really should be considering something that’s soft, something that’s not too cropped and something that’s charming and shaggy.  This is the ultimate look for you, you will look and feel a million and one dollars with it and it fits your face shape like a glove.

And finally… if you have been bestowed with those one of those angular square faces that look all so attractive and gorgeous, one of those beautiful looks that can cut like a razor and looks so amazing every minute of the day then short is great.  Yet like with the longer faces, don’t crop it radical.  Your face loves a bob yet unlike that shaggy look it’s going to rock an angle much better.  Give it some diaganol and then do it again.  An angular side mohican or a bang that’s not quite on the level is spot on, you’ll work assymetrical in a bang on trend fashion, you can make a statement with your look and your style so sharpen it up and get it on with angles.

In a nutshell… are short hairstyles NOT for everyone?  Clearly that’s a mistruth, they are for everyone, they are for anyone, but you need to take caution and heed, work your face shape, work your look, work with what you’ve got and then go out and rock one like a diva!  If that’s what you want of course…

And to get you started and in the mood, hike over to our gorgeous galleries, look at those photos, we’ve got them in abundance and then when you think you can browse and click no more get over to our awesome social media pages and start liking, tweeting and pinning.  Facebook loves you, we want you to share those images, we want to hear what you’ve got to say on Twitter and Pinterest is just all out awesome!

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Top 10 Mohawk hairstyles for black women

Back to short celebrity hairstyles gallery
A mohawk is one of those looks that is always going to have an effect, it’s rocking right on up there on gorgeous and suits the African American woman like a dream.  It’s no longer that unsociable look that we are so keen on associated with a punk with an agressive attitude, it’s now that look that is going to give you some full on individuality and self assurance, a sure fire way to gain liberty and resolution to your look, add clarity to the big picture.  They give you the ability to style with creativity and flair that’s gorgeous and attractive whilst also offering the benefits of having some serious attitude to boot, they signify independence and are being sported out there on both the catwalks and sidewalks alike.  Hollywood loves them, Halle Berry looks awesome with them and Rihanna oozes the usual sex appeal with hers.  They are the new fashion statement on the block and 2015 are full to brimming with them and the next seasons not looking as if it’s going to ease up.

Short mohawk for black hair

Short mohawk for black hair

This spectacular and sensational look, the mohawk, is going to leave you with something that’s maybe a little more radical and exposed than you are used to but you don’t have to wear it with a death defying spike and sporting a bright red tint.  These designs are evolving with the times and they’ve now, quite simply, morphed into something that’s fantastic and fabulous.  They are ridiculously easy to maintain and will get you turning heads as you walk along that sidewalk, those admiring glances are going to be rolling your way in abundance and so what are you waiting for? Go pick up that telephone and start dialling.  Speak to the professionals, ask your salon for a rendez vous with that gorgeous stylist that you know, trust and adore.

Popular mohawk for women

Popular mohawk for women

And whilst you’re waiting with impatience for the appointment to arrive, get searching, searching, searching and clicking, clicking, clicking away.  Our site is packed to the gunnels with some awesome image, there’s all of your favorite celebs and stars showing off their bullet proof and full on attitude mohawks.

Take a look at top 10 Mohawk trends for 2015 / 2016

Mohawk for long black hair

Mohawk for long black hair

Let’s face it, the mohawk is definately going to be one of those looks that is going to be up there with a gargantuan question mark hanging over it! Our first and immediate thought is always going to be various images in your head of a mixture of colors and spikes and scary looking people sitting next to you on the subway.  But it’s evolved, it doesn’t have to scream at you and punch you in the face,  it doesn’t have to scare people away at the very site of it and it certainly doesn’t have to be that high and full on maintenance that it used to be.  That’s because the mohawk just got mainstream, it started being acceptable and accepted into society and our stylists started using their imagination to funk it up. Forget the word mohawk and walk down the highway of fauxhawk, it’s had a much deserved and seriously welcomed reputation revamp.  Are we talking you into it…? we should be, they are awesome and they have a very loud voice, they look amazing and they will make you feel like a million dollar catwalk queen the minute you take the plunge and jump of the high boards.  Make a splash with your friends, get them all wanting the look and get rocking and rolling it like a sensational superstar.

Best mohawk for black women

Best mohawk for black women

Whether you are wanting it profoundly short or you are wanting to preserve some of that gorgeous length and some curl, the combo of the mohawk and braids is an incredible one, it rolls with creativity like Michael Jackson rolls with the dance floor, it’s one that needs some serious consideration, it’s gorgeous, breathtaking, awe inspiring and full on glamorous.  Our stars and celebs are loving this look and our galleries can show that very look to you in one short click.  So off you go and get being inspired, you love it and it’s a look that is going to love you too.

The next on our list that you really should be trying out if you want a rocking look and feel to your life, has to be a little bit of The Mohawk Mess!  Now any of you that are wondering what this is and have a little trouble getting out of the door of a morning are going to full on adore this easy maintenance one.  It’s the usual crop of the sides but you’re going to be wanting to leave those locks a little longer on top and then rough them all up a bit.  It’s also sporting the added bonus that it’s built for this years awesome wet look styling.  So get yourself along get down and dirty and start making it messy as you know you love to.


Or maybe you should be expressing your quirky and creative side with a gorgeous side mohawk. Who said it had to be pulling ranks and working to rule? And let’s be honest here, if you are a candidate for a mohawk you were never going to be one of those girls that ever conformed to those regulations, were you! Get it shaved on only the one side, get some patterns going on with it and then leave the other half to just rock on over like a funky comb over! Simple huh? Oh yeah, totally… and amazingly effective to boot! This is one that you’re going to adore and love and it’s going to give you major attitude on the sidewalks!

And how are we ever going to miss up on the opportunity of reminding you about this years 2015 trends that are hurtly speedily into 2016? You’re rocking the mohawk (or fauxhawk) so now all you need is a little color into your life. You can be nice and safe like the good girl you are and get one of those gorgeous golden hues in it or you can release the punk in you and get a full on raging bright one that will make you stand out like only a mohawk can. And if you’re too scared to go in for that rainbow shade you can always plump for some gorgeous frosted tips…

So to follow… and there’s a whole bunch of them out there, why not just go for a «nearly classic but not quite there» mohawk and just spike it all up a bit, we love spiky mohawks! Maybe not one of those rigid spikes that punks oh so love, unless you want to of course, but just add a decent bit of height into the picture. It’s going to not only add a good few inches to you but it’s also going to totally elongate and accentuate your cheekbones and the general structure of your face is going to look all that more beautiful and prominent.

So we’ve done the braided mohawk and it is always going to look bang on trend, yet have you even considered that it doesn’t only need to be braided along the sides… you can still remain a classic diva and go for the shave but how awesome would it be if you just braided out that top bit. It’s just another alternative for when you’re bored with the messy maybe and you feel like having a tidy day (for once in your life)…

Now mohawks, as we keep harping on about, don’t actually need to be completely that radical!
They also look sensational when the sides are just a short crop rather than that full on razored, Halle Berry is the ultimate for rocking this type of look and how awesome does she look every day of the week. It’s an easier look to sport for those of you with slightly less courage! It looks incredible and will easily make you feel like a million and one dollars overnight.

Let’s look at yet another mohawk option, one of the ones that is bang on trend and totally gorgeous has to be that lovely long haired look, a short cropped side with a long flowing central aisle! And to make it look even sexier consider a fabulous half up and half down look and let those curls just work their magic!

And for those gorgeous black women that love a little 50’s Hollywood glamor in your life, you might want to be thinking and pondering over something more sculpted, all of those bangs and big curls just love a modern twist on things. Bring it up to the minute and bring it right up to this year and try an awsome mohawk with a sculpted top to get you some serious streetwise credibility on those sidewalks. You’ll create a sensational storm at any party that you’ve got invites too and your dressers and killer heels are going to love this look to boot!

And for our final mohawk in this awesome top ten… well, we haven’t actually got one as such, our top ten and our number one of all the favorites is any mohawk that Rihanna chooses to roll with. She’s the mother of invention when it comes to this look, she’s a mohawk mecca, the idol, the mohawk diva and she rocks this look in some amazing and full on fabulous way! If you don’t believe us, get over to our galleries and see for yourself…

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