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You want something edgy, you want to make a fashion statement and it goes without saying that you want to look beautiful and gorgeous!  Well, haven’t you just oh so tumbled upon the right site for you.  You are sensational and your hair is your crowning glory and you are out there and looking for a new style and look.  It’s your lucky day!  We’ve got it all, we’ve got all the trends and you are going to soon be bang on it, rocking 2015 like a diva and hurtling towards 2016 at the rate of knots and full on ready to hit it with electrifying grace and glamor.  We are adoring this years new creative weaves, they are refreshing, they’re versatile and they are relatively low maintenance… well, as low maintenance as black hair can possibly get, that is!  So get along and start getting out our best black weave hairstyles, check out what our sensational stars and celebs are doing with them, how they are sporting them, how they are just all out rocking and rolling with them.

Cute weave hairstyles for black women

Cute weave hairstyles for black women

Whether you are already wearing your weave with a loud proud voice or whether you are just creating those dreams in your pretty little heads, you are going to love what this year has on offer for you.  There are long, cutting edge sleek weaves, there’s some bang on trend bobs and there is also some adorable and romantic weaves that are, quite simply, oozing sex appeal and charm. We’ve got a myriad of ideas, inspiration bursting at the seams, we’ve got tips, we’ve got tricks and some all out fantastic and fabulous suggestions for you to browse through, so get along and start that searching and clicking now… go on, you know you’re just dying to do it.  We’ve got our ears to the ground and our fingers on the pulse, we know exactly what’s hot and precisely what’s just not.

Weaves are awesome but you need some of that all important info.  They come in a variant of shapes, sizes and ways but they also come in a wide variety of products.  You can opt for something that’s artificial (providing you take heed and establish exactly what it is that your salon is using) or go for something more deluxe and devine and opt for a more natural human hair.  The upshot and the ultimate goal is going to be the achievement of additional length whilst giving that oh so awesome crown some amazingly fabulous volume and thickness.  You can add color without chemicals, you can get heads turning on the sidewalks and you can look like you’ve just stepped off the catwalk like that super gorgeous woman that you know you are.

So just don’t stop and carry on reading, we are here to offer you some not only some awesome style inspiration but we’ve got the advice, we are in daily contact with the leading salons and stylists and we are desperate to pass that information on to you, our sensational and beautiful readers.  You are an adorable black woman and you know you can rock the look yet you also need to be paying care and attention to the weave that you’ve spent your hard earned dollars on.  You’ve dug deep into that pretty pocket of yours so let’s get going and see how you can continue to look and feel a million and one dollars whilst rocking that awesome weave that 2015/2016 are begging you to do.


Best weave hairstyles

Black women around the world were in raptures when this invention hit the markets, they couldn’t quite believe their beautiful eyes, there was rejoicing, there was singing, there were arms raised high, there should have been a public holiday day in honor of them.  The Weave, that awesome thing that has given the black woman liberty and a changing look in one fell swoop. It’s such a patient process, growing your hair takes effort and it take time… years and years!  You go through the painful stages, the beginning, you spend years taming those unruly curls, get it coiffed, get it trimmed, buy the products, put in the effort and work… and then off they go and give us the weave eliminating all of those years, decades even, of effort!

If you are looking for that all important and fabulous long hair that is just going to flow like a river right the way towards the sidewalks then you’ve got your solution, it’s the one that’s going to go wow, get you noticed and loved, it’s the darling of the black hair world and we adore it with all our

hearts and souls.  We care what weave and what style you’re looking for, we want to assist you in this fervent search for knowledge and inspiration so why not start it by hunting, clicking, getting along to our galleries and doing some browsing.  We’ve got a myriad, a wealth of stars and celebs that are sporting weaves and they are all looking a million and one dollars.  And that’s not the end of it, we’ve got those awesome social media pages that you need to be hiking on over to also.  Get liking, get commenting and get sharing, Facebook is there for you to love and behold and don’t forget about those gorgeous Tweets that we oh so adore.  Flutter along to Twitter and when you have done that and Tweeted until you can tweet no more get Pinning It on Pinterest… and all because we all just oh so love to do so.

Long weave hairstyles for black women

Long weave hairstyles for black women

So you’ve decided to get on that high dive board, you’re going in and you are taking the plunge.  You’ve dialled the salon, you’ve booked the stylist and your rendez vous is looming and it’s looming fast and furious.  You’ve browsed, you’ve searched, you’ve commented and liked, you’ve been pinning and tweeting for weeks and now you’re going in to get a damn fine head of those beauties.

Well, here, us, your new best friend, we applaud you, we love that we’ve given you inspiration to achieve your weave dreams… but now you are going to need all of those crucial tips and tricks to keep them looking as gorgeous as they are going to when you walk out of that salon.  You don’t want to be spending those hard earned dollars only to find that after a week you’d forgotten what it was to look after that wonderful crown of yours.  You want to be turning those heads on the sidewalks with that fabulous weave you’ve got and you want to look like you’ve just stepped out of Hollywood Boulevard and you’re rocking it.  So let’s get us all out there and started and onto something that’s actually quite a critical note.  You first awesome tip is that you’re going to need to be vocal with your stylist.  What is it that they’ll be using as hair for that amazing weave you’re about to get.  This is soooooo important as it makes a difference with the maintenance process and I think we can safely say that if you can possibly afford it you want to be traveling down the highway of human hair.  This can come in a multitude of forms, from Indian hair to Brazilian and Peruvian, Malaysian to Eurasian, your salon is the one that can help you with the right choice.

Once you’ve got over that first hurdle and that sensational virgin hair is installed you’re going to want to be maintaining it like a diva and the first thing that is going to be on your new shopping list is going to be a great quality bottle of shampoo that is sulphate free alongside a rich and nourishing moisturizing conditioner.  Thereinafter, you are going to continue with that gentle and slow washing process once and week and be feeding your hair with a deep treatment, your hair is going to love you for this and the lustre is going remain as dazzling as it ever did.  Next on your beauty regime listicle has to be a decent oil.  Yet be careful with this gorgeous product that you’ve just purchased, it’s going to love your own hair more that it’s going to love your weave and if it’s a synthetic weave it’s not going to love oil at all!  Massage it slowly into your scalp and then bring some minimal amounts down through that awesome weave, if it’s sythetic, leave it damn well alone.  And finally, brush, brush, brush and then brush some more with that professional and soft bristled paddle brush you’ve just been out and bought.  Follow this and you’re locks are going to last longer and look awesome for longer to boot!  So get out there and get rocking your weave like the sensational diva that you are.  We are loving the look and adoring you, our reader!


So you’ve got the tips, you’ve got the tricks, now get over to our galleries and get the inspiration, check out our stars, check out the celebs, see who’s rocking weaves as they’ve never rocked them before and then off you go and get that like button working in overtime, get those Tweets just rolling on in and get Pinning… we love our social media pages, Facebook loves you, Twitter adores you and Pinterest just can’t get enough of you.

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