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Playing one of the main actors in the Harry Potter movies, playing Ron Weasley, Rupert Grint has certainly had a lot of fans. It’s not quiescence that most of his fans are, in fact, women. Which brings up another question – why do so many women find him desirable? And even if they do, there hasn’t been so much news about the new Rupert Grint girlfriend? Has he stopped finding women or is he really planning on settling his life for just one girl? Whatever the answers may be you can’t deny that a lot of women are going crazy for him. Here are some of the reasons why.

Rupert Grint girlfriend

Rupert Grint girlfriend

He’s a great actor

His role as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies has been more than a thrill to watch – but not just to the female fans and the possible Rupert Grint girlfriend but to a lot of the male fans as well. If there isn’t one yet then I’m sure the future Rupert Grint girlfriend will be able to appreciate his phenomenal acting talent. His role was so nicely done, with a lot of emotion and you could really see and experience the character development that Ron went through while going through the movies. But a more important reason why so many women like him is how he acts behind the scenes or, to be more precise, on interviews.

Rupert Grint girlfriend

Rupert Grint girlfriend

He’s a nice guy

He has a friendly and caring personality that any future Rupert Grint girlfriend could love and admire. He shows his calm and talkative side in almost every interview, speaking what’s on his mind concerning a lot of things and even makes a few jokes along the way. He can be classified as the typical nice guy who will always look out for someone‚Äôs best interests. Even if there are certain interviews where he successfully hides it just makes him more appealing to all of his female fans. But it seems that a lot of his fans were a little sad when the Harry Potter movies had ended, thinking that they won’t be able to see him again on the big screens.

Is that true?

Even if there are many rumors about him not acting in any more movies I’m more than happy to tell you that those statements are wrong. In the year 2013 he has been given a role in the movie Into the White Featurette, which means that his acting career didn’t end along with the Harry Potter franchise. He will undoubtedly be starring in a lot more future movies and will probably be appearing on a lot more interviews. So, to all of you fans out there and the possible Rupert Grint girlfriend – there’s more to come!

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