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Those oh so gorgeous short hairstyles are oh so ever popular in todays marketplace with the African American women… and why wouldn’t they be?  They’re bang on trend and they’re up there and out there on today’s expanding fashion catwalks, not to mention the sidewalks.  There is a definate cropped hair solution and style for each and every one of you out there and a great style and haircut can make such a massive difference to your life.  It can give you bags of personality and make you look chic and sleek at the same time.  It’s got character and it’s got some serious cutting edge, it’s a sensational way to express yourself, it will show off confidence and it will also work amazingly well with the texture and architecture of any African American hair.  It clearly requires some maintenance, yet providing you get that great cut and you use some of those great quality products that suit and love your hair you are going to be both up to date and looking fantastic at the very same time.

Curly african american short hairstyles

Curly african american short hairstyles

Whilst everone should be taking heed and paying a great deal of attention to the treatment of their crest, African American hair is always going to be the one that needs just that little bit more love and a heap of care.  A black womans hair gradually will increase over time, it contains a lot less water than others and can split and break with ease.  It doesn’t make a difference if your hair is au naturelle or is chemically treated, you are going to need to add moiture to it any which way that you can.  You want to be looking tip top and gorgeous at all times and moisturizing mists should always be one of those vital products that you have in your bag and it should be a regular part of your beauty regime.  Wearing your hair short is always going to make that regime much easier, but you definately want to maintain that it looks healthy, shiny and balanced at all times.

Short hairstyles for African American women

Natural African American Hairstyles

Natural African American Hairstyles

That gorgeous short crop comes in all shapes and all sizes, it can be sophisticated and sleek but can also be full on out there and crazy.  Whatever your choice, make sure that you pay attention and go for one that is going to work the best for yourself and your hair type.  You need to be obtaining something sensational from your haircut and you need to look at all of the different aspects before you go diving on in and take that plunge.  You need to be looking at your own face shape, what is going to be suitable for that oh so very individual you, you, you.  So before you go ahead and just replicate that cut that your celebrity fashion idol is sporting, give some regard to your own characteristics, your own style and your own look that you love and that you are used to.

Begin by clicking through our galleries, get yourself some ideas rolling, print out some pictures, try some google searches and use technology to plant that crest on your own gorgeous face.  See what it looks like and then pick up the phone and make a rendez vous.  Talk to your stylist, get some advice and tips from the professionals, read up and do your homework.  At some point there’s going to be that sensational short crop that is going to love your look and work wonders with your own individual style.

African American women braided hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are always going to be something that an African American woman is going to consider at some point in her life.  They are bang on trend and work wonders and magic at any situation that you may find in life.  They are fully acceptable in the work place and always are going to stand out and look awesome at a glamorous party.  They work and they can be worked and they are also an immensely imaginative way of expressing your creative side.  They are a fantastic choice for any of you out there who are just plain tired of those relaxed and monotonous hairstyles that you’ve been wearing for years on end.  They’ll eliminate any bad hair day and give you some serious appreciation of what it is to be different.  They’ll always be a major fashion statement and they are a sure fire guarantee to get you noticed on those sidewalks and be the envy of all your friends who never dared!

African American hairstyles for weddings

African American hairstyles for weddings

Like the short crop that we all so love, braids are also going to be light on maintenance… yet, as with that short hair, it’s not maintenance free!  You will need to take care of those awe inspiring braids, protect them at night with that slinky and silky head wear that’s going to prevent that awful itching and also stop them from shifting and moving.  As ever, you are also going to need to be ever aware of that breakage situation and make sure that your beauty regime involves that oh so important moisturizing mist that black hair loves and adores.

So if your choice is for the daring and the fabulous, then braids will certainly be up there on the list for contemplation.  They are wonderfully different and have that charm and character that we all hanker after.  Get along and start to browse through some of our galleries, check out those glorious braids that our celebreties and stars just love.  Alicia Keys is one of our absolute and all time favorite fan of braids and she always rocks them, looking sophisticated, stylish and amazing… truly a million dollar winner of a crown!

Mohawk hairstyle ideas for African American

A mohawk is one of those hairstyles that will  immediately conjurs up images of radically shaved heads with some seriously vertical spikes quite simply protruding out of a punk’s scalp! Well, my oh my, how things have evolved.  It’s no longer that sociably borderline look that we are used to seeing in a multitude of shades and colors.  The mohawk may have been something that you would have if you wanted to look positively scary, but it isn’t any longer.  You don’t have to look like you are going to punch someone in the face to sport this up and coming trend.

Mohawks, like braids, are a seriously cutting edge fashion statement, they rock black hair like never before and they can seriously add height and definition to your already beautifully sculptured cheek bones.  They are surprisingly universal and can make you look confident and bold in one fell swoop, they are incredibly sexy and an unbelievable alternative to those mundane locks that you’ve been wearing for such a long time.  So why not get along and start searching and clicking through our awesome galleries, Rihanna has rocked a mohawk on a number of occasions and Halle Berry is always going to be up there as one of our all time favorites.  So as you see, the mohawk has moved on, it’s grown up and become something alternative and captivating, it’s alluring and it’s tempting to go out and try one today.

The choice on short hairstyles is varied and tempting, it’s always going to add a touch of glamor to your look and always going to be a consideration.  Why not give it a go, book a rendez vous with your stylist, get over there and ask for opinions, work out what’s going to work your wardrobe and your face shape alike.  It’s always going to be hard the first time around, short hair newbies are always going to be a little shaky about doing away with those locks and changing the look overnight.  However, it’s not a look that you’ll regret, it is an easy style that will work with the trends of 2015/2016 and will add exquisite elegance and a touch of luxury to your life along with some admiration on the sidewalks.

So start searching and get clicking away, browse through our awesome galleries and check out how our amazing stars and celebrities are wearing their short crops and braids.  Get glancing and see how Alicia Keys is rocking hers, see how Rihanna is sporting her ever changing and evolving looks, take a peek at Halle Berry’s fantastic mohawks.  There are a whole host of photographs to look through, you’ll love them and we want you to love them, they are there for your inspiration, there’s a mound of ideas for you to take along with you to that next salon rendez vous.

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