Black braided hairstyles

Black braided hairstyles gallery
When we think of beautiful locks, stunning and vibrant hair, we know that we are high up there and rocking this category like a diva.  Black women all over the world have been blessed with something wonderful and unique, something that is unbeatable and something that is the envy of all those fabulous girls out there.  It’s an amazing and thick head of curls that is as black as the night sky and it’s full on, out there, sensational and stunning.  And we all know that there is a multitude, a positive array of different ways and styles that we can wear this wonderful hair, yet one of our favorites, one that a black women can pull of better than the rest of them is braids.  The range and variety is gargantuan, it’s massive and it’s gorgeous and that au naturelle african hair was built for this awesome look.  It’s structure and it’s curl, it’s architecture loves them, they are clean and they’re easy and they exude artistic expression and we applaud that and embrace it with open arms.

Black braided hairstyles

Black braided hairstyles

They work perfectly with every walk of life, they are ideal in the work place, they’re fresh and they’re tidy, they will look, quite simply, elegant and graceful at any glitzy party and we’ve seen a great deal of them on the Hollywood sidewalks, red carpets and catwalks alike.  They’re a fun and trendy style and can be sported in a multitude of different ways, they are reduced maintenance and quite simply convenient and stunning all rolled into one.  We love their orderly fashions and we also love that they can be worn with pride and confidence!

Yet we are not the only ones that love those gorgeous braids, our celebrities and stars also adore them.  Just get yourself over to our searches and start clicking away.  You are going to find an array of fabulous photographs that you can browse through.  One of our all time favorites has to be Alicia Keys, she’s the epitomy of the ever evolving braided style and always looks simply amazing… and

she’s not the only one, Rihanna is always up there and loves to rock a braid, so get over and get looking and get some all important inspiration for that braid that you know you want.

Braided hairstyles

You’ve been considering it for a while now, you’ve been searching through the different pattern choices, you know you want some and you’ve got some ideas, your creative juices are in overdrive and you want to get yourself some braids but don’t know quite where to start.  Well, first out of the gate and off that block has to be some serious thought into organizing a style that’s going to befit the length of your hair.  They are going to, at some point, start growing, you need to make sure that the pattern and look that you choose is going to work alongside the hair that you’ve got, make sure it’s not going to look all out crazy in a couple of months!

Black braided hairstyles 2014

Black braided hairstyles 2014

The best thing that you can do is pick up your telephone and make a rendez vous.  Speak to your salon and stylist, get some advice, ask the professionals for their help, they are working these looks on a daily basis, they are the ones that are in the know and that can help you achieve that perfect braid that you so desperately want and adore.  There’s a multitude of black braided hairstyles for a positive array of different hair types, you want one that rolls in harmony with yours, they are the guys that can tell you which options will work, they are the people with the knowledge and they are, quite simply, fabulous.


So let’s get going and start looking at some different options and what better place to begin… that all out classic that we know and love, those adorable and typically African American Cornrows!  They are a prominent player and they are always going to work in all situations and environments, they are ideal for the office and always look stunning on a black woman.  Your hair adores them and if you go for this style you will get some serious admiration and turn some heads on the sidewalks as you sport them.  They’ll not only give you confidence but they can also be rocked in a myriad of different ways from the classic row to the intertwining and elaborate.  They can be a classic and considerable work of art and can look sexy and give you some awesome sex appeal at the very same time.  They are simple yet structured, classic and sophisticated and to boot, you’ll love the ease that they give you in the morning.  Simple to maintain and looking good at all times this is a full on must at least once in your life… or maybe more than just that once.

Black braided hairstyles

Black braided hairstyles

Box braids

Another classic that needs to be tried, it’s streetwise, it’s gorgeous and it’s ever popular.  The Box Braid is that wonderful type of hairstyle that black hair and African Americans just adore to love, it’s a big favorite and reproduced world over and with very good reason.  It will offer you something that’s sensational, something that will give you confidence and a look that will be the envy amongst the crowds and get you noticed.  A Box Braid is a fashion statement and a timeless look that works with almost anyone whatever your age or hair type.

They are a great option for a whole host of reasons but one of the most awesome reasons is that they are both durable and long lasting.  They may be intially time consuming yet you won’t have a single regret and if you if you are looking for something different and alternative, this could be the one look that is going to rock it for you.  The Box Braid is a hairstyle that involves the use of extensions, they can be any length and almost any style, they’re creative and artistic and change your look almost overnight.  Your friends won’t recognize you and they are going to be amazed and stunned by the evolution of your style that they will all be booking and appointment and wanting the same.  You’ll be original and you’ll set trends and get noticed on those sidewalks, a box braid is always going to look stunning and completely original.

So now that you’ve got those awesome box braids and you’re rocking them like a superstar diva, you’re going to want some useful tips and tricks on maintaining those fabulous locks that you’re wearing.  One of the all out and vital pieces of information that any salon or stylist is going to offer to you, and us alike, is that you spend a few of those hard earned dollars on some great quality shampoos and conditioners.  Anyone that adorns the quick fix, two in one versions, should be ashamed of themselves, they may be a great time saver but they are not a great product.  You have just spent a small fortune getting them done, you want them to look like they are supposed to be and that is healthy, striking and all out fabulous so dig deep in those pockets and get it right.  Of course, do we also really need to remind you about that ever vital moisture that you’re going to want to keep on top of.  It should be high on the priority list in that beauty regime and you’re hair loves and adores moisture as you well know.  So get box braiding and get misting with the moisture!

So you’ve found the expert, you’ve flipped through magazines, you’re now here on our glorious site and you really need to be getting through and searching.  You know we have galleries and in them are a whole host, a multide of fabulous photographs so off you go and get clicking away.

We’ve got all of the stars, all of your favorite celebs and they are looking amazing whilst sporting their sensational cornrows and box braids.  Alicia Keys is the one that we always adore and love, she rocks those braids like the diva that she is, Rihanna is always going to evolve that look and she’s hosting quite an amazing and elaborate selection of them and so go along and get inspired, get planning and step it up a gear.  Go and pick up that telephone and make that rendez vous, you’re salon and your favorite stylist is just waiting to braid your hair and and they are the professionals that are always on hand to make suggestions, give you some vital and ever crucial tips.  You never know, they might come up with some fabulous hair solutions that you never even considered, that one that’s going to make you work it like a superstar, who could want more than that?

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