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Welcome to our gorgeous, amazing and sensational site and welcome to that new season that’s kicked in and is on us like a storm.  2015 is well and truly under way and 2016 is just a short way around that corner and black women are styling and rocking their hair like never before.  There is a myriad and multitude of variation and choice out there and we’ve only gone and hand picked and chosen some of the very best and most popular that our gorgeous celebrities and stars are wearing at the moment to offer you some awesome inspiration.  They are bang on trend, living, breathing and sporting some breathtaking looks from that incredible au naturelle to those oh so fabulous and full on weaves.  There’s every shade and color there’s bobs and there’s crops, you name it we’ve got it so get yourself along to those galleries and start adoring and admiring our gorgeous black women who are setting some glamorous and sophisticated fashions.

Bangs Black hairstyles 2014

Bangs Black hairstyles

Trends can change as often as you change your mind about what to wear in the morning, they’re constantly evolving and moving on.  Yet there’s one great thing that you’ll always have on your side and that is the fact that your head of gorgeous black hair is awesome.  Those curls that give yourself you character, add spirit to your personality are never going to go away, the form and the architecture of your beautiful hair is the one that you’ve been blessed and born with so you are better working with them as opposed to against them.  And my oh my, what a year you’ve got ahead of you.  The new season of 2015 that’s hurtling at the speed of light into 2016 was made for the wonderful black woman, they love your hair and theres a myriad of styles out there that are designed to fit as well as cinderella’s slipper does.

Mohawk black hairstyles 2014

Mohawk black hairstyles

They are designated for you and to you, they’re befitting for all women and they are befitting of all ages, they are sophisticated and stylish and you can wear them anywhere from the office right through to that awesome and dazzling party that you’ve been invited to.  So without any further procrastinating you need to get along and start searching, click that mouse on our pictures, our galleries are chocked and stacked full of amazing photographs of stars and celebs so hop it and get some inspiration going, start creating and start dialling your salon to book your rendez vous with that favorite stylist you oh so adore.  There’s are a whole host of photos of looks that are fashionable and bang on trend for you to choose from so what are you waiting for?

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New Black hairstyles trends for 2015 / 2016

Haircuts and styles in this new season are as retro as they are trend setting, they are there to make a massive impact and enable you to make a huge fashion statement.  Our collections are bursting at the seams and they are sophisticated and stylish all rolled into one.  They work in harmony with your gorgeous black hair and are loving your curls, there’s natural, there’s crops and there’s all out fabulous bangs and bobs. Get over and get searching and get chatting with your salon, they are waiting for your all important call today.

So one of the main new black hairstyle for this fabulous new season has to be that sensational au naturelle and what great news this is for us all.  You can now just quit that time consuming regime in the morning, ditch that styling wand and be assured that those blow dryers and straightening irons are now just a thing of the past.  You don’t even require a hair brush.  You just jump out of bed and into the shower and then once you’ve worked your magic with the shampoo and conditioning bottle you only have some finger drying left to do to bring out that adored and cherish natural charm.  Develop and work with your natural curl, it needs to just do what it was born to do and flow.  It’s going to love working in harmony with your lifestyle and to boot you’re going to bang on trend on that sidewalk.

Black braids hairstyles 2014

Black braids hairstyles

Yet, if au naturelle is something that you just can’t bear to wear, you’ve also got those gorgeous options of something short and croppy.  2015 and 2016 is also rammed to the gunnels with those power pixies, get over to our galleries and check out how Halle Berry just loves them and don’t even get us started on Rihanna with her ever evolving changes and looks.  A short crop will add confidence to your style and in addition it will gain you some years, who could ask for more than that.  It’s a youthful look and will bring out your gorgeous features and make you look and feel like a million and one dollars.  It’s out there and it’s rocking our catwalks so why not give it a whirl and see how it looks, it’s going to be perfect for the office space and perfect for parties alike, all that you’ve got left to do now is pair up that glamorous dress with a pair of killer heels so off you go and get looking fabulous as you know you do.

Long black hairstyles 2015 / 2016

Long black hairstyles

And finally on the actual haircut front, the other alternative is to just leave it to grow and leave it to grow as long as you possibly can muster.  This year is huge, it’s massive and it’s totally loving long hair, the catwalk is full of it and the longer the better.  Yet this is a look that going to take a little time and maintenence so why not hike over to our extensions page and check out our awesome suggestions.  Expansions are a great alternative to a quick fashion fix, you’ll be guaranteed to get those long locks flowing as quick as you can say where’s the phone I need to book my rendez vous.  Yet take heed if you go in at the deep end, you are going to want to have a pretty penny in that pocket of yours and they are going to take some serious time on maintenance, but hop along over and have a look at our fabulous tips and tricks and then consider that option today.  You’ll be guaranteed to look sophisticated and sensational any day of the week and you’ll cause a fashion stir amongst all of your envious friends.

Trendy Black hairstyles

Trendy Black hairstyles

There’s a multitude of styles and trends out there and they are all over the catwalks and sidewalks this season but one of the big trend setters for 2015 that is undoubtably going to also run over and take the next year by storm has to be those warm and amber shadings. It may be that you are sporting it natural and it may be that you’ve gone in for the crop but you are going to also want to be booking in that rendez vous with your stylist to get yourself some gorgeous and warm highlights to match. They are massive this year, the color change and the warm autumnal tones that are going to
work in harmony and be the perfect blend for your already awesome skin hues is back and it’s here with avenge. There are some amazing color combinations out there just waiting to be tried out and our celebs and stars are simply loving them. Get over to our galleries and start checking them out, they are warm, they are colorful and they are looking pretty damn fine.

So what are you waiting for, you want to be that trend setter, you want to be rocking that look for 2015 and run it over into 2016. You want the look, you want the shade, you want to be electrifying and glamorous all rolled into one so get yourself over to our galleries and get inspired. Our stars and celebs are rocking and rolling those cuts and highlights. They’re sporting and loving those warm and amber hues that are big on the sidewalks this year and they’re looking awesome. So get searching and just click, click, click like you’ve never done before.

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