Black matte nail polish and designs

Do you want to know some tips and tricks for having wonderful nail designs? Here you are going to see everything you need to know about black matte nail polish designs. These are some ideas on how to make you matte polished nails look even more wonderful. So, make yourself comfortable and check out this post.

Matte black nail polish

Matte black nail polish


Black on black zebra

Your matte black coat doesn’t have to be the end of your matte journey. You can play with different types of nail polishes on the road of finding perfect black matte nail polish design. After applying black matte polish you can take regular black nail polish and draw lines over the matte. This way you will get zebra pattern that won’t attract too much attention but still look lovely. Or if you are up for regular zebra pattern, then you do the same thing just with white regular nail polish.

Universe on nails

This is one really interesting black matte nail polish design. The process is fairly fast and easy and the result is absolutely wonderful. This is a way to get universe on nails: apply your black matte nail polish and then, when it is dry, take glittery nail polish and apply it on lower part of your nails. This way the glitter will look like stars on a dark sky.

Stamps as prints

If you are romantic soul we have an idea for you too. Apply black matte nail polish on your nails, and when it is dry just stamp the shape you like. You don’t  need to put top coat over it, because then you might end up losing your matte effect.

You can find even more black matte nail polish designs, or you can just experiment yourself. It is going to be fun and you will be really proud of your designs.



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