Black woman hairstyle trends for 2015 / 2016

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We just past the middle of 2015 / 2016 but there is already new hairstyle trend for black women which will shape the way you dress and look in 2014.

Many Women do not want to change their hair even after wearing the same haircut for several years. Although being safe doesn’t always mean bad, you might reconsider changing your hairstyle into something more modern and up to date. Black women are very well known for being the trendsetters so having a bad hair day can easily ruin your whole style no matter how much you spent on the dress.

Black woman hairs trends for 2014

Black woman hairs trends

The fact is that most people look you in the face when talking to you so wearing a few hundred dollars worth of shoes and handbags won’t change your appearance. That is why we’ll take a look at black women hairstyle trends for 2015 / 2016. Hopefully this will help you with your transformation so that you’ll look younger, healthier and most of all happier. As you know black hairstyles 2015 / 2016 can boost your confidence so you’ll go through life without ever having to deal with low self-esteem ever again.

2015 / 2016 hairstyle and haircut trends for black women

OK so now to the trends. As I mentioned in my previous blog posts there are three different lengths that are always in style: short, medium and long. But how you shape them is what will make you stand out.

Black women have been known for warding braided hair and braids for a very long time, so I am not expecting this to change anytime soon. What will change however is the way braids are done and shaped on your had. A lot of that has to do with the shape of your face since you don’t want to wear something that won’t work well with your face.

2014 trends for black women

Hairstyle trends for black women

Another great style in 2015 / 2016 will be short hairstyles. Yes I know, this is nothing new, but things will change as well I promise. Short bleached hair is no longer what you want to wear, but you’ll need to go more with short, modern and sophisticated look. Use the darker colors instead of bright ones, and focus more on standing out with your clothing and accessories. You really don’t want to be noticed from a few block down for wearing some extravagant hairstyle.

What about a Mohawk? I can definitely say that Mohawk is out in 2015 / 2016 so please try to find something else. If you do not want to wear straight hair, perhaps ponytail or a bun is something you’ll looking for. For me ponytail hairstyle will always be something black women should wear when in doubt about their hairstyle.

Now let’0s talk about the hair color. As I said bright colors are no longer in, so you’ll need to focus more on darker colors like brown, dark red or soft black. Of course most black women have dark black hair and that’s fine, but you need to make some minor modifications so that you won’t look just like everyone else.

Please do not forget to check my gallery for black woman hairstyle trends for 2015 / 2016. A lot will change but please don’t go into extremes. Try to look natural but sophisticated at the same time.

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