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Braids… what can we say!  The style that is always going to be multi purpose, always going to stand out in the crowds, it is undoubtably the absolute and ultimate hairstyle that is always going to make that fabulous black woman look alternative, sophisticated and different.  They were the mother of invention for your gorgeous black hair, your crowning glory loves them and you love them, they are always going to give you confidence and that element of graceful chic that you know you want.  They are timeless, they are always up to date and look, quite simply, astonishing and sensational and to boot they are relatively easy to maintain… oh and did we mention that they are also ridiculously versatile.

Fab braid styles

Fab braid styles

They are the epitomy of creative of expression, they have an great knack of being able to exhibit character and personality like a dream.  There’s a multitude of patterns and styles and they are always bang on trend for all lengths of hair that will give any black woman something that will turn those heads on the sidewalks.  So if you want to look like a catwalk diva then getting clicking and searching and get speed dialling your favorite salon and stylist to book that braid rendez vous today.

Afro braids black women

Afro braids black women

They work in society perfectly, they are acceptable in your office and will look stunning and dazzling at that cocktail party that you’ve been invited too, they’ll get you talked about and they are going to want to be replicated by all of your friends.  So be that envy and get your imagination rolling, there are a myriad of designs and styles to look through, get the look and get chichi now.  Our stars and celebs love them and we want you to start loving yours that you’re going to get done tomorrow.  If you don’t believe us get searching and clicking, I don’t want to be the one that says « I told you so… » but our celebs really do look awesome and current and really do rock them in full on style…

They are also an incredibly practical option, you can take them to the beach, hang out poolside and also take a relaxing dip knowing that they are not going to ruin and make you look like you’ve just got caught out in a downpour.  Nothing will batten own those hair hatches like a fabulously firm and sexy braid. So get searching and clicking and browse through our sensational galleries, you’ll find a whole heap of celebs that are sporting braids and sporting them stylishly.  Alicia Keys rocks them, Rihanna adores them and we totally love them.  And once you’ve done your searching and clicking on our galleries get yourself over to our social media pages and starting liking them on Facebook, don’t forget to Pin on Pinterest and Tweet to your hearts content on Twitter.  We adore you loving us and we love and adore you too.

Two Braids Styles (Good for Trip)

Two braids, or doubles, are a terrific look, they will always look awesome and amazingly sophisticated, it’s a braid classic and ideal for any type of trip and travel, whether it be a short car ride or one of those long and arduous airplane journey’s that we all have to make.  When you are in that one position, your remote in your hand, zapping your way through the film selection, you are also shifting and moving in all sorts of ways to just get comfortable… and your hair is being worn and torn at the same time.  So a double braid style will keep it all neat and in place without to much harming and breaking.

There’s are some fantastic variations that you can find within the two braid style, you can pile that mass on the top of your had that will give you height and power or you can just hike it on down to the side to give it something adorable and cute.  Get clicking through our sensational galleries, you’ll find some great looks and ways to work those double braids styles.  Be inspired and get working them, they absolutely love your hair, your curls were constructed for this look and they are just waiting for you to work it like a dream.

Black braids

Black braids

Flower-Child Braids Styles (or Twists)

We just oh so love and adore this look, it’s incredibly charming and totally laid back and relaxed.  You can use this look for an occasion that’s a little bit special, maybe you’ve been invited to your best friends wedding and you want something that’s going to not upstage (well, not too much)  the bride, or perhaps it’s just a fabulous party and you need to stand out and shine, yet also, you might just want to stand out heads above the crowds and rock it like our stars and celebs do.  This look is something that you’ll always see on sidewalks and catwalks alike and can give you that all important element of alternative chichi, show that you’re imaginative and show that you’re creative to the outside world.  You can intertwine some dainty and pretty blossom through them in spring time or maybe just add a few clips and accessories to give it something extra on a cold winters day.  It will make you look delightful and bohemian and give you some seriously cutting edge style.  It’s can be down or pulled up into a rocking and high pony or just worked into an astonishing half up half down look.  It’s versatile and it’s breathtaking and will always look current and bang on trend.

Braids, as we well know, are always going to look elegant, they are the full on and ultimate hairstyle of that gorgeous black woman and it loves your hair like a duck loves water.  It is a timeless look that can be worn by any woman without paying caution to your personality or age.  It is always going to be fashionable and up to date and it’s always going to look creative and artistic, add something extra special to your wardrobe and give you that fabulous confidence whatever day of the week it may be.  However, they also, like all styles and cuts, will need an element of maintenance, albeit, this look is going to be less than some others out there.  So you’ve found your

dream pattern and you’ve taken it to your stylist and you’re sitting in that salon chair and you’re waiting for them to work their magic.  This is the time that you’re always going to have to remember that you’re going to want to be vocal.  If your braids are in the process of being weaved to perfection and they’re hurting then speak up, don’t be afraid.  This is a process of beauty, it’s not a surgical operation that is going to leave you with headaches for months on end, if they are being done to tightly then say something and say it loud.  The other thing that you need to pay caution to with those oh so fabulous braids is when your head just goes along and hits that pillow at night.  You are going to move around and this means that your braids are too!  All that shifting around is going to bring you some unwanted breakages so get yourself fitted out with a gorgeous slinky and

silky piece of fabric or headscarf and wear it!  Your hair will love you for it as much as we love your beautiful braids!  And on a final and vitally important note, we may love your braids as much as the next person, they may be awarding you some great looks on those sidewalks, some fabulous attention that you know you deserve… but your hair loves moisture like a duck loves water!  You really can’t afford to slip up on those all important moiturizing mists.  It should be a permanent fixture in your handbag and an absolute must on that beauty regime list of things to do.  Your

amazing black hair might have all that awesome mass and curl that you’ve been bestowed with, that braid style that we all adore but it also holds less water than most and it is going to sap up that moisture and need it, so get rocking those braids and get misting.

And now you just know you want some awesome inspiration so get yourself along to our fabulous galleries, get searching, get browsing and go click, click, click…

Our stars and celebs just love those braids, Alicia Keys has been wearing them like a dream for years.  Of course, Rihanna is another fan of this look and, as ever, sports it on regular occasions whilst rocking that ever evolving look that she masters so well.  We just can’t get enough of this sophisticated and deluxe styles and can’t wait for you to get your braids in and start walking those sidewalks with your heads held high and proud.

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