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The fall has started and winter is just around the corner so this is the perfect time to take a look at some black women hairstyles trends for 2015 fall and winter.

Although summer was all about short hairstyles that is mostly because we all want to avoid the heat. In colder months we want to achieve quite the opposite and use our hairstyle to help us keep warm, right? Well that is not the case because as you know whit us black women fashion and styling comes first and then all other factors. We must look good to feel good and we can’t achieve that simply by wearing any kind of fall or winter hairstyles for black women in 2015.

So to make you decision a little easier I have prepared a gallery of hairstyles that will dominate 2015 / 2016 fall and winter trends. Some might argue that women with short hair can’t do much with their hairstyles since hair is short and wearing bangs for example is out of the question. Yes that might be true but winter or fall hairstyles aren’t just about the length and shape, but also about the colours. During the summer we usually go more with bright and vibrant colours, when during the colder months darker colours are more popular.

hairstyles 2015 trends

Hairstyles 2015 trends

Best fall and winter hairstyles for black women

I asked a few hairstylists regarding the colours that black women want these days and their reply was all kind of brown, black and some coloured layers, which are very popular with teenagers.

natural curly hair black women

Natural curly hair black women

So if you are a black women and want to know what trends will be popular during 2015 / 2016 winter and fall take a look at the gallery I added above and you will hopefully get an idea regarding what works best for you and what kind of hairstyle you will want to wear.

winter hairstyles for black women

Winter hairstyles for black women

Remember, black women are always ahead with their styles and are a true trend- setters that is why you need to be careful not to imitate what others wear but to follow your own style.

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