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Oh how we loved the world when this awesome creation came to light.  They were previously just one of those insider secrets for the celebs and stars alike, we couldn’t quite work it out, one week they were on that red carpet, on the Hollywood boulevards, banging out some awesome crops and then the next they were out there with some positively luscious and all out sexy long locks that looked not only au naturelle but also healthy and sophisticated and running right along and heading beautifully south down their gorgeous spines, flowing and cascading for all to adore and admire.  « How did they do that » ? was the question on everyones lips, it didn’t look fake, it was real, it was out there and it was full on and rocking and a rolling… but now we know their secret, the cat is right out of that bag, we know their tricks and we want even more tips.  Hair extensions and hair weaves are quite simply, breathtaking, they’re awe inspiring and the ultimate way to change your look overnight.  Providing, that is, that they are done correctly and maintained in the way that they both deserve and should be.

Nurture Both Your Expansions as well as Hair

Hair expansions, extensions, or weaves as they are often and famously called, literally saved our globe for a whole bunch of black women out there.  They’ve given us the ability to ditch that short hair and gain some long hair in one fell swoop, quite simply, overnight.  They have given us volume and they’ve given it length, they are a fabulous option that is both full on chic and all out sensational.  Yet the majority of us that have them will also need some useful tips and awesome tricks to help look after those gorgeous expansions if they want to maintain their actual real hair and keep the vitality and condition that it truly deserves.

Hair extension care black women

Hair extension care black women

One of the most important parts of maitaining those breathtaking extensions that you’ve just had done is to make sure that you take some all out care with washing them.  Initially give them a good and thorough detangle and then gently, yet slowly, slowly, slowly wet and massage a good quality shampoo through your hair making sure that you massage your scalp at the same time.  Next on that ever important maintenance list has to be brushing through a rich and nourishing conditioner and don’t forget to not leave out that weekly deep treatment to boot.  Then continue brushing, brushing, brushing, with a soft bristled tool and continue to keep on doing it.

Our stars and celebs alike are loving and adoring hair extensions, they are making appearances on both those catwalks and sidewalks and don’t get us started on those glamorous parties and red carpets… get along and start searching and clicking, our galleries are packed to the gunnels full of fabulous photographs of black women looking gorgeous with their weaves and expansions.  They are inspirational and will give you inspiration for yours.  Hike on over and get looking, save some images, imagine yourself sporting those gorgeous long locks and then get dialling your salon and your stylist today to talk about it.

african american hair extensions

African american hair extensions


Nurture both your expansions as well as hair

Caring for your extensions is an all out important and two-step experience ; you need to care for your extensions and at the very same time care for that gorgeous hair that you possess underneath them.  A whole bunch of those beautiful black women out there will pay heed and place emphasis on dealing with the actual expansions but they fail to remember that the real stuff needs some attention and full on focus too.

So let’s just get on down to the bear bones of understanding this, you may have dug deep into that pretty pocket of yours, forked out a small fortune of your hard earned dollars on those gorgeous long locks but one of those vitals that you shouldn’t be forgetting is that those weaves don’t possess those natural oils that your scalp is constantly producing.  In other words, work the oil into the scalp (process one) and then treat those gorgeous expansions differently (process two).  They can be oiled and definately deserve treatment, but they are different to that natural stuff underneath them and you don’t need to be quite as heavy handed on the products.


long hair extension black women

Long hair extension black women

A gentle, yet great quality shampoo is optimal, it’s crucial to the maintenance process but it’s also all important that you don’t want to be damaging the bonding that is used with expansions.  You will need to talk to your salon, consult your stylist and get all the advice and tips that you possibly can.  They will be able to recommend shampoos and products that will be effective for use on those awesome bonded or stitched weaves that you’re wearing.

Another great tip that you should be adhering to has to be the use of a great quality, rich and nourishing conditioning treatment.  You should be applying this product after each and every wash and shampoo and be using a deep and leave in one on regular occasions.  The conditioning of the expansion will only assist in recovering the shine and luster, it will keep your hair looking fresh and vibrant at all times.  Love oils but stay clear of ridiculously heavy usage of them, they will weigh down those gorgeous expansions and create knots and tangling which can become positively tiresome.

Drying out and detangling your extensions

After that relaxing process of shampooing and conditioning your hair you ideally should be leaving those breathtaking extensions to dry naturally, avoid those blasts of heat from the blow dryer and don’t even think about touching those drying agents that are out there.  They’ll cause breakages and dry out your amazing locks and the bonding that’s been used to achieve them won’t love it either.  Be patient and be serene, you have spent your hard earned cash on achieving this awesome look, you want it to be long lasting.

One of the most important and probably one of the most forgotten about parts of expansions and looking after them probably has to be the brushing of those gorgeous crowns.  Invest in a good quality tool, get yourself a soft bristled brush and then use it.  Gently tease out those tiresome knots and twists and then don’t stop.  Your hair needs to look groomed so get on and groom it!

long curly hair extensions

Long curly hair extensions

Daily treatment and also maintenance

Brush out your weave everyday just as you would your fabulous and fantastic all-natural hair. Use that soft bristled brush that you’ve invested in and also use a wide-toothed comb, use what god so graciously gave you and finger comb through it and keep on going… this should be part of your new and daily beauty regime to maintain that gorgeous head of hair that you adore.  Your expansions need brushing and you need to be doing it constantly, all the damn time in fact.

At night time, before your beautiful head hits that pillow, get applying some liberal amounts of a leave in conditioner and then get plaiting.  Once you’ve performed this process get it covered up as you would a braid and then you can just go right ahead and catch up on those vital z’s knowing that in the morning your fabulous long hair is going to look shiny and glamorous just as it should do.

And finally, get oiling!  Your scalp is going to love you for this and if you have gone for a human

hair weave you should be oiling away at that too.  If it’s not a human hair weave then leave the damn stuff alone on it, keep it to the scalp only and leave the synthetic weave to it’s own devices.

Get your weave when it’s time

You have a weave and you love it, but once that natural hair reaches a certain stage in the growth process it’s going to start to look tired and untidy.  A weave may be awesome but after around six to eight weeks it’s going to need to be taken out.  Don’t stretch it out beyond this, there’s nothing worse than an old weave that is, quite simply, fatigued and unruly.  Your salon and your stylist are the ones that will help you, advise you and be your ultimate guidance, they deal with weaves on a regular basis so take heed and take note, they are the professionals and they know best.

Pre-weave preparations

The care and maintenance of your weave is going to a crucial part of the process and final look.  However, so is the preperation!  Make sure that the shade of your hair is the same shade and color as the weave that you’ve chosen.  Your stylist and salon will be able to help and advise you on this and if they get it wrong then they should be fired on the spot!

Now, we all now know that a weave can be bonded rather than sewn in… however, if at all possible it’s not the ideal solution for achieving some long and beautiful locks.  Bonding in weaves is not great and will frequently lead to breakages and even worse, weaves getting stuck onto scalps.  If you are going to get them bonded make sure it’s one hundred percent done by a stylist who’s a professional and one that is knowledgeable about the process and has studied it both inside and out.

And finally… you always get what you pay for!  If possible, go that extra mile, get them sewn, get them in the human hair and get them done by the very best that you can afford.  Thereinafter, get those products in the salon, inject some quality into your life and go for the shampoos and conditioners that are built for those breathtaking expansions!


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