Layered hairstyles for black women

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There are so many looks out there for you gorgeous black women, so many decisions to make and there’s also a whole ton of styling options for you.  You love your hair and you want to make the best of it.  You want to give it something that will get talked about, something that’s going to frame your face and make you look awesome.  There’s nothing nicer than a soft structure to your appearance, it’s just plain nice to look cute and to look gentle and some great ways of achieving this is to add some adorable soft lines to your hair.  This is the moment whereby layers walk through the door and start loving you.  Layered hair adds texture to it, it enhances a wave and adds some body to that full on and sensational curl.  It will take some weight away and add some romantic volume at the same time.  It’s going to give your hair some smooth flexibility that delicately makes your look just all out sweet and sensational, add an even bigger touch of glamor to it.

Long layered black hairstyles

Long layered black hairstyles

There are so many options out there with this look and it will help you keep cool when the temperature outdoors is rising, it’s the blossoming look for the forthcoming spring and it will launch you into 2015 in some sort of style.  It can be worked on that glorious longer hair or into those amazing boyish crops and it loves those sophisticated classic bob cuts.  It’s going to add some confidence to your already fabulous look and it’s loving all face shapes and ages.  It’s timeless and elegant all rolled into one so get booking that rendez vous and get your stylist working some magic with those scissors!

layered black hairstyles 2014

Layered black hairstyles


Short layered hairstyles for black women

Short layered hairstyles for black women are ridiculously easy to manage and maintain, additionally, they suit every personality and hair characteristic.  If you decide that you want to plump for soft feathers, it will be gentle to your face and instantly be kind to you.  It’s going to super simple to style and it will make you feel as if you have just injected something sensational and characteristic into your life.  It loves a round face shape and it can’t get enough of a long or square visage.  A gorgeous sweeping side fringe begs for this look, you can give it some all out choppy grading for a bang on trend look that is up to date and current.  This year is adoring layers and it’s hard to find something not to love about it.  Get browsing through some of our photographs of our awesome stars and celebs, Rihanna just loves some layers and Halle Berry is always rocking them and they are not the only ones.  So get inspired and get going with some gorgeous soft grades in your life.

Products also love this look, hair wax laps up layers like nothing else on earth and the current wet look trend is also a massive fan.  You can play around with gel and mousses and sprays will take to those feathers like a duck to water.  It’s a great look and a real time saver, it’s going to be cool in summer and it’s going to get you out of the door and at your desk quicker than you can say when is my stylist free for a rendez vous.  So get dialling that salon and get booking that appointment.

Bob Layered hairstyles for black women

Bob Layered hairstyles for black women

Of course, you can also get searching through our social media pages at these awesome looks, get liking them, commenting them and sharing them on Facebook and don’t forget to Tweet your opinions and thoughts on Twitter and then just hop along and start Pinning on Pinterest, work your style board and get a look that’s going to rock your world.

Medium layered hairstyles for black women

Medium layered hairstyles for black women

We think that you are a clever bunch of ladies that are on our site and loving it and we respect you enough to know that you are fully aware that layers are going to suit more than a funky short crop so we are going to have a good old chat to you about those classic and sophisticated all singing, all dancing and gorgeous bob cuts. This is the one that a layers going to love! It’s the one that is cherished when it comes to working some gradient into your life. Choppy, feathered and layered bobs suit anyone, they love all of the face shapes, all of those sensational contours, they work you heart shapers like a dream and for long or square they are the epitomy of the icing on the cake. They will work a bang with electrifying glory and assymetrical was built for it. A layer will give a bob some fabulous texture, it will make it soft and make it gentle. It will frame your face and make it the focal point of your personality, people around you will love it and want to know all of your styling tips and tricks, you need to be negociating commissions from your stylist for all of those new customers you’re going to bring along. In essence, a choppy layered bob is close to perfection and it’s whipping up 2015 into a full on frenzy. It’s going to adore products, adore wet looks and adore you and your gorgeous black face.

A layered haircut is always going to need a regular trip to the salon but it is also easy to keep in tip top condition. If you go for this look, you will be having some fairly constant trims and snips, this will only help in the process of keeping the shine bang on. Your hair loves to not have breakages and split ends and keeping it in shape is the way forward. When your hair looks and feels nourished you will too. Get your hair product cupboard stocked up and start working with some different styles, change it on a daily basis and enjoy it, evolve your look with it and make yourself stand out and get yourself some heads turning on that sidewalk and work that wardrobe into the new and layered look that you love.

Of course, some of you don’t want to be sporting something that’s short, you maybe don’t want to be wearing a gorgeous bob cut, some of you have something that flows down a little longer, maybe you’ve got an expansion and you want to change it’s form. Layers work with any cut and any hair type and so you can work it into your style like a dream. Naturally long hair will always love a few feathers worked through it. It can instantly lighten up the weight of it whilst giving it some incredible volume that can look totally sensational. It doesn’t have to be layer throughout, the ends love a touch of shape and feathering, if you wear it straight it will look healthy and get rid of those split ends without compromising on the length of it, it will give it some all out style and you couldn’t really ask for more than that. Additionally, some soft and gentle feathers around the line of your face will also not leave you negotiating on the length of that beautiful long hair that you’ve patiently and lovingly grown over the years. It will give it an up to date feel and a sensation of luxury, it will do nothing short of enhance your face and bring out your eyes to boot. So if you are wanting to get that look that’s going to make you feel like a million and one dollars then start browsing through our galleries for some inspiration and then call your salon and book an appointment with your stylist. They are here to help and aid you, they are the professionals and they will be able to assist you in the decision and design process, they love it when you have some new and creative ideas and so give them a call today.

Here on this awesome site we are loving to furnish you with our multitude of tips and tricks, we’ve got our fingers on the pulse, our eyes peeled and our ears to the ground. On a daily basis we are talking, chatting, discussing with some of the leading salons and stylists. We are constantly on the look out for what’s hot, we are in the know about what’s not. We are on the ball with our galleries, we’re constantly updating and providing all the news on the sidewalks catwalks alike. We love our site and we love you too, we want you to appreciate us here and we want you to love and adore us in return. We also want your to get snipping and chopping, come up with something that was made for you, something awesome that’s going to fit that beautiful crown you’ve been bestowed with, rock those curls, rock that sensational black hair like the diva that you know you are.

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