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What in the world can beat our world itself? And nothing is more beautiful than the offerings that it’s bestowed on us, the offerings that are free?  « What have we be given for free» ? I hear you ask yourself!  Well, the simple answer to that is nature!  Just take a look around you, and what exactly is it that you see?  The sun in the sky, it’s shining and making us all feel happy, or maybe a cloud or two are up there and they’re floating along in that mesmerizing fashion that they do, some leaves on the tree that are maybe a vibrant green or are turning to a beautiful and awesome burnt orange beause it’s fall.  The list is endless, we revel and embrace the beauty that is all around us, it’s undeniably appealing and quite simply dazzles us with it’s charm and allure.  It gives us warmth in the winter and joy in the summer, it gives us life and without it we wouldn’t survive, maybe that’s the reason that we all find it so magnificent and beauteous?

This is maybe the reason that we find natural hair so appealing and good looking.  If it’s natural and it’s healthy and we take good care of it our hair, like the trees in springtime, is going to do nothing short of blossom.  A well loved and cherished head of hair is going to be the one that is going to be admired, so prize it and be sweet to it and watch how that natural hairstyle is going to be the one for you that gets you noticed as it should.  Natural hair is simply simple and wonderful and there are many products that can keep it healthy and keep that blossoming process going.  Thankfully for you there is also an extensive range of extremely fashionable and trendy styles and cuts that can give you a natural and everlasting classic look that you are going to adore and love as well.

Natural hairstyles for black women – the curls

Natural hairstyles for black women

Natural hairstyles for black women

Where do you start with natural?  It’s gargantuan, massive, it ranges from a stunning short boy crop to something that is wild and huge.  Natural, generally, does what it says on the can, it’s great condition and looking fabulous as nature intended, in a nutshell it’s just a pure and simple case of let it flow, let the curls loose and let them just get on and do their thing, get it on and make it work, it’s beautiful and it needs to be admired!  Check out our galleries for some great styles to get you started, start searching and clicking for that look that you’re looking for…

But, let’s be honest about it, no one was ever going to say it was going to be easy but one thing is for sure and it’s a massive one hundred percent sure, you’re never going to battle with a lack of the stuff.  It’s customarily thick, as a rule it’s verging on impossibly curly and it’s also, as a rule, as black as the sky is at night.  However, let’s be clear, it is also as gorgeous as the day is long providing that it’s properly care for, nurtured and looked after.  As a general rule, you’re going to be envied by many, there is admiration over the curls of a black woman, that billowing mass that is prone to dryness and tangling is actually incredibly attractive, it’s luscious, it’s sexy and it’s yours for the duration so get used to it and work with it.  It’s also awesome when it’s natural and there’s a whole drove of au naturel styles that are just going begging for that fantastic crown that you’ve been blessed with.  So why not aim to just own that world courtesy of your curls, whether they are tightly fixed to your head or a larger and more cascading curl, they are beauty epitomised so be confident that you’re already at the starting block to achieving something that’s unbelievably breathtaking and great.

So before we tackle the exciting subject of the natural hairstyle let’s just take a little look at some bare essentials.  One of the crucial things that needs some serious consideration before you even contemplate and determine that natural look that you’re going for has to be keeping your hair in tip top and healthy condition and this isn’t always an easy process.  Nature may have bless you all with a crowning glory but it comes with that problematic drawback of being prone to dryness.  There is nothing in the making that is going to combat this problem overnight.  You’re not going to find a magical cure that’s going to transform your locks into a glowing crest that shines like a bright star other than hard work and sheer full on maintenance!  And a beginning point of that has to be using one of natures essential products that we all require.  That product has to be water!  Drink it! Put as much of the stuff into your body as you possibly can, take it on board and take it with it all of it’s natural purities, work from the inside and your hair will start working wonders for you on the outside.  However, that natural product that we adore to adore isn’t the only thing that we should be putting in to see the benefits ooze out, we also need to make sure that we keep up a healthy diet, eating our quintessential five a day can only be good for us and if it’s good for us it will soon assist in achieving that beautiful looking hair.

Another way to a fabulous looking and flawless head of hair is something that we all now but how many of us actually ignore… it has to be that oh so fashionable heat issue!  Hang fire on the irons if you possibly can, pack away the dryer that’s going to blast a heatwave at your already delicate and dry hair.  Additionally, take heed and wherever possible and use something sensible to protect from those harmful UV’s that are going to damage and dry, much as we all love the sunshine, your hair doesn’t and so be kind to it and cover it up, give it a break from the beach and poolsides!

Of course, your hair is actually something natural in itself so logic should tell us that it was never really intended for chemicals and potions.  This, as with the age old heat issues is one of those other situations that we prefer to ignore!  That’s understandable, we adore some color every now and then, it’s great give your style a change and what better way to do it then a change of shade.  Yet go easy on it, don’t be habitual if you can possibly bear it, your hair needs a break every now and then, it prefers natural to non natural any day of the week.

And so let’s move on to the less obvious!  You want you hair to look incredible, spectacular even, who wouldn’t, I hear you say… well quit the daily shampooing and conditioning!  Your hair possesses it’s own natural oils and it quite simply loves them, it wants them to come out and play, it doesn’t want to be washed out down the plug never to be seen again until it’s had time to regenerate itself!  Let nature work it’s own magic, let it be your hair’s own carer, let it nurture and nurse your hair as it’s intended to do.

So take care of it, look after it, your hair is going to love you for it and everyone else is going to love the look that you’ve got.  You’ve been blessed with awesome so work it and own it, the long term benefits will be that naturally stunning look that you’ve been vying after and that will make you the head turner on the sidewalk.  Give it your best shot and wait for those fabulous results to just come rolling on in…

Natural hairstyles for black women and braids

Probably one of the most distinctive natural hairstyles for black women has to be braids. There are huge amounts of different braids for black women to choose from, all you need to do is to use your imagination and creativity. Have a look at some of our cute and orignal looks that are going to stand out and make you look so damn wonderful, braids will always rock and attract attetion.  They are elegant and glamorous and oh so unique.  We all want to be unique… don’t we?

Natural hairstyles for black women – other hairstyles

Don’t forget to browse our gallery, there are some amazing natural hairstyles that have been worn with pride by some of the greatest celebs that we all know and love, get ideas and get going with your salon plans. Your natural hairstyle is waiting for you…

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