New Short Hairstyles Trends

Short hairstyle trends

Now let’s all cover that all important factor that the majority of us in this glorious life have to pay heed to, that factor that is known to us all as economy!  One of the things that you are going to notice about your potential new crop is going to be that your salon appointments are going get a whole lot more frequent.  You are going to need to take into account, and budget for, some regular trips to see your stylist.  You may walk out of the salon chair feeling like a million and one dollars and have that air of bang on sophisticated chic that you were after, but in three weeks time that growth is going to begin to get serious.  This is the moment that you are going to have to hike yourself back over  there and you’re going to have to get your booty back in that stylists chair and get it trimmed and tidied up.  And those salon trips are going to come in at a price, nothing in life is free and beauty is absolutely not an exception!

mohawk short hairstyles black women

Mohawk short hairstyles black women

Yet on the upside, it’s not all doom and gloom for your pretty pocket.  Whilst you are going to having to pay out for some relaxing and well needed salon appointments, you’re also going to save a small fortune on your that bill that you rack up each month on products.  You’re going to need just a whole lot less of them!  When you are in the shower, you’re going to be amazed how that shampoo bottle is going to be never ending, the conditioner bottle will be just the same.  And although you are going to still need that all important moisturizing mist on a daily basis, you’re not going to require even half as much as you previously did!  There is also going to be a substantial saving on your electricity bill at the end of each month when you pack up those ever harmful straightening irons and curling irons, not to mention that blow dryer!  It’s sounding even more enticing the more you read… so get planning and get clicking away at those galleries to see how much you can save whilst looking gorgeous and dazzling at the same time!

So let’s carry on looking at those sensational plus points, why it is that you really should take the dive in at the deep end and get that crop that you oh so want.  And without looking back, here is yet another one… it’s going to take a lot less time in the morning!  The absolute beauty of one of those fabulous short crops has to be that you just hike yourself out of your bed in the morning, quickly dash underneath the shower and it’s done.  You’re ready for the office, you’re already half way there to that awesome and glamorous party, the only thing that you now have left is to get over to your wardrobe and decide on a fabulous dress and a pair of killer heels!  You’ve also just gained an extra half hour for making up!

Of course, there is always a whole heap of reasons to get that hair cut and give yourself a style boost.  You are going to look cute as a button and as pretty as a picture with a pixie crop or a fabulous and stylish bob, maybe that sleek mohawk that your hankering after is the one that’s going to be the ultimate head turner on the sidewalk?  Yet… and we mean yet… there’s no getting away from it, it’s going to take a little bit of time to get used to.  You’re going to miss your previous longer hair a little so do give it a little time and energy before you throw in the towel and start the growing process all over again.  Short hair is totally adorable but if you are a newbie it’s going to be radically different and you are also going to discover that all of those bad hair day cover ups are totally a thing of the past.  There’s no more ponies and there are no more half up or half down days.

Your short hair is in place and it’s there to stay for a pretty while, so once you’ve let that stylist work their magic you’re going to just have to give it some time.  You are going to have to live with it for a while, play with it, work it, learn to manage and handle it.  And once you’ve done this, you’ve worked out that routine of how your short crop is working for you, you are going to start to love it as much as you should be loving yourself.

Short hairstyles for black women in 2015 / 2016

That glorious short hair for the awesome black woman is up there and out there for 2015/2016.  It’s gorgeous and it’s natural and ranging in some fabulous warm and autumnal tones.  It’s full of character and has a bag full to brimming with personality and it’s also very versatile.  So get yourself bang on trend and work the fashion sidewalks with pride and sophistication.  It’s stood the test of time, it’s manageable and it’s damn easy to maintain.  Although it’s going to save you those ever vital pennies in the products department, you are going to spend it in the stylists chair, but who doesn’t love going to the salon.  So all in all, there are very few down sides to going for gold with that sophisticated, stylish and trendy, sensational short crop.

black women short hairstyles 2015

Black women short hairstyles 2015 – 2016

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short black hairstyles women 2015

Short black hairstyles women 2015 – 2016


short hairstyles 2015

Short hairstyles 2015 – 2016

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