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There has been a time when scarves were used to keep you warm in the cold winter days. But that time is gone. Scarves became a fashion accessory more than a thing to keep you warm. Therefore, today we are talking about scarves for women, different types of scarves and some of the best ways to wear a scarf.

 Scarves or woman

Why to wear scarf as accessory?

This is one of the easiest questions to answer. There is no better way to add some color to your little black dress. Imagine your favorite little black dress and red scarf, and you will see what a glamorous look you get wearing a scarf. Also, for business clothes combination scarf can be used as accessory just the same way men wear their ties.

What are scarves made from?

Scarves for women are made of all sorts of materials. The most beautiful ones are made of silk or cashmere. But you can also get cotton scarves that are a lot cheaper but they still look really good and they can achieve pretty much the same effect as the expensive silky or cashmere ones. Elegant scarves for women are usually made of velvet or chenille and they look so elegant that you can wear them to any event you have.




Do you want to know some different ways you can tie your scarf? Scarves for women can be tied in over than 40 ways, but you will see some of the best ways on how to tie your scarf.

Scarf as a head band

Yes, you don’t have to wear your scarf around your neck. Just fold your scarf a couple of times so it is not to wide, rap it once around your head line and tie it under your hair. Pull the know of scarves for women to the side so the end of the scarf falls on your shoulder and there you go. This is a great way to look great and have unique head band.

European style

If you are European or you like European fashion and style, this is a great way to tie your scarf. Fold your scarf on the half, put it around your neck, pull the loose ends through the folded part and whoa-la. You’ve got your own scarves for women in European style.

Waterfall scarf

This is another great way to tie scarves for women. Rap your scarf for as many times as possible around your neck, the last time don’t wrap, just pull one side and tuck it under the scarf part wrapped around your neck, and let the loose part fall on your chest.

Round scarf

Put your scarf around your neck, tie the ends and than just put the scarf once again around your neck. This way it will look like specially made round scarf, it will look truly amazing.

These were some ideas on how to wear scarves for women. I hope you like scarves because once again, they are one of the most popular trends of the year.

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