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Well you’ve got it and you want to rock it… so shave it!  There is absolutely no better summer hairstyle on the planet alone than this one.  Yet let’s be honest, there’s no point in beating around with it, it has to be said that it’s going to be that brave choice, it’s the option for the woman with all out balls!  The one that want’s to be noticed, it’s the one for those girls out there that want to make an awesome statement in a sensational and glamorous fashion, of course, it may also be for those gorgeous black women out there who also didn’t dig deep enough into their pockets and messed up those weaves!

Cool Shaved look hairstyles for black women

Cool Shaved look hairstyles for black women

Yet take a little heed on this one, it is a surprisingly feminine hairstyle that has a streetwise place in society that can actually look more acceptable than you may initially think.  To not put too finer point on it, it isn’t for the faint hearted but it can look positively adorable and cute, if you don’t believe us then hook over to our galleries.  A shaved head teamed up with a Hollywood glamor dress and a pair of killer heels is, quite frankly, breathtaking and sensational.  It’s big in an alternative sense of the word, it’s a colossal, massive and gargantuan statement on the fashion front and it looks unpredictably remarkable and striking.  It loves bold cosmetics and huge accessories, it isn’t age related and it grows back if you don’t rock it.  You’ll save a fortune on shampoo and conditioning treatments and you won’t get bored in the stylists chair waiting for all of that coiffing and messing, you’ll be transformed and out on the sidewalks before you know it.  And you never know, it’s a look that might get you awarded the next part in the next Star Trek feature film if you really take it out there and rock it.

Short shaved hairstyles trends for 2015 / 2016

Short Shaved hairstyles for black women

Short Shaved hairstyles for black women

One of the massive and huge advantages of this full on shaved hairstyle for black women is that you can basically be your own hairstylist, it’s only going to set you back the price of a decent trimmer, you’re monthly trip to the salon is going to now just be the thing that you used to do! The other advantage, other than the attention you are going to get of course, is that you are going to save

yourselves hours on end in front of the mirror… you’ll be out of the door and behind that office desk quicker than a bolt of thunder.  Your electricity bill is going to halve, your curling wand and straightening irons are going to fetch you some dollars in a garage sale and you’ll be able to cancel that weekly direct debit that you’ve got going on the hair product department.  All in all it’s a look that has to be given some very serious consideration if you are courageous and on a tight budget.

Bald shaved hairstyles for black women

Bald shaved hairstyles for black women

Of course, it’s not all about that, it’s also going to put a very original and personal stamp on your style and give it some character.  It’s going to always be bold and genuinly it’s unique, it will be unforgettable to the onlooker and it gives off an amazing amount of sex appeal, it will always be rocked and rolled with all out splendor with a full on full sized dose of bohemian chic!  So why not consider it?  You like to be different don’t you!


Get along and look at some of our photographs in our galleries to see just how awesome this look can actually be, you’ll find some incredibly glamorous and also surprisingly sophisticated bunch of black women all sporting this look with amazing aplomb.  They look, quite simply, stunning, they are attractive and are they are just oozing with character and stylish allure.  This incredibly sexy look has been adorned by some of our stars and celebs and look sensational… don’t believe us, well hop along and have a look!  Start searching and then just click, click, click away!

I think the name of the game with a buzz cut is working it into how you want to rock it.  It can be as feminine as you want to make it, yet on the other hand, it give you a serious attitude that is also as fierce as you want to own.  The deciding factor is you, it’s your own style that is going to give this

look it’s own appearance, it’s you that’s going to give it the elegance it deserves, it’s character and

it’s spirit, of which it’s got it’s very own bag load of, is going to be your trademark to work and your identification, your brand and your label!  But isn’t that what every haircut and style is in the long run?

It can also be an injection of artistic flair, it doesn’t just have to replicate that radical and full on head shave.  Give it some creative input, come up with a few designs and then fork out some dollars at the stylists.  You can mohawk it, you can shave just half of it, you can do anything you damn well like with it, it’s your very own personal choice and style!  Once you’ve tried it you may well find that it’s going to give you an immense feeling of liberation under all of that hair, it can’t be a bad thing to ditch those chemicals, it will certainly give your locks a fresh start in life, give them

something to love and adore you for.  There’s nothing worse for your crown then those relaxants and colors if we are truly honest with ourselves and once you’ve gone for the chop and shaved it there won’t be another styling wand or straightening iron in sight for a while, it’s going to be saved from all those heat blasts and look interestingly hot in one fell swoop.  All in all, there’s a whole heap of benefits from this process from a point of view of the health of your hair and you’ll look pretty damn amazing along the way, it’s full on awesome and full on brave but it’s going to be incredibly stylish and alternative and will get you some seriously well deserved attention to boot.

So if you are looking for something that will truly give you a signature look, something that will give you an ultimate flair and you’re looking to make a huge statement then maybe this is the look for you.  You can fill your makeup bag until it’s brimming and bursting at the seams with some bright lip colors, work in some fabulous eye pencils in vibrand shades and get out to the stores and rock a new wardrobe to match it.  It’s a brave and courageous step but it is also a very liberating and feminine one, it’s a look that works and a look that is sensational.  It oozes attitude and it is just exploding sex appeal, it’s something that will give you an incredible amount of confidence on those sidewalks.  Get along and start thinking about it, our galleries are chocked to the gunnels with inspiration, get browsing through the looks, get pondering over possible patterns and start that

thought process rolling.  And then once you’ve taken that all out high diving plunge, start ditching those curling wands and blow dryers, give your straightening irons away to your well deserving friends and love you organic and cultural look that is so economically friendly.

So now’s that time where you want to be browsing on our awesome site, we are here to help you and infom you, we have our ears to the ground and our fingers on that pulse, we are in daily contact with some of the leading salons and stylists and are keen and excited to be able to share all of that with you.  Get out there and get searching our tips and our tricks, get perusing and get pondering over those photos in our awesome galleries, work yourself up into a frenzy and get yourself clicking, clicking, clicking away until you pretty heart is happy and contented, you know that you love us, you find us devine, we love and adore you too and, do we find you devine and awesome…? hell, yeah, don’t we just!

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