Short black hairstyles for 2015 / 2016 How To Tutorial

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So let’s just check it out, let’s just get it on and start talking about it, we are all aware and it’s also a very well known fact that a hairstyle and a haircut for a black woman is very much going to differ from that of all other hair types.  It’s going to need some extremely perceptive behaviour and a lot of practice and help from your favorite stylist to get it bang on trend and also, you want it to be on trend, at all times.  This is why black women need to find that great and perfect haircut that is going to really work in harmony to enhance their hair type but also that style that’s going to give caution to the shape and form of that beautiful face.  It’s going to need advice and information, it’s going to take investigation, but it’s also fun to discover these new things and learn about what style is going to be best suited to you.

And oh, how saved we all are with that current century that we’ve been bestowed with, courtesty of that fabulous time is that awesome invention that we all adore, technology! When we say technology, to not put a finer point on it, what we actually are talking about is the internet.  That amazing and positively sensational world wide web that can give us all the answers to our questions.  It’s up there and out there and has become nearly as important as the air that we breathe, it’s our life line, our informer and our confidente!  And with that said technology we have a fantastic and simple way of checking out new styles, new cuts that are going to suit our relevant shapes and forms.  We can look at pictures, browse through galleries (well, our gallery to be precise) and gain information on which styles suit which face types, which short cut is suitable for your wonderful black hair, which bob will go best with which black curl… the list goes on and it’s positively endless!

But let’s take a look at some of the popular things that are up there and out there with those different hairstyles that are on the current market for the gorgeous black woman.  Bangs are always a great option, something to wear with pride, stand out and be loud.  However, the list is never going to end at just a bang to change it all.  There’s the elegant bob that’s going to give you an air of professionalism, something that’s neat and chic that’s going to gain you some great attention, a real head turner and totally out there as a fashion classic.  There’s also that sensational short cut that’s going to love a cute face, enhancing those eyes, giving you an award winning and sculptured cheek bone structure and remain in trend all year round.

Yet there is a lot of care and attention that’s needed to maintain a perfect head of black hair and it’s going need time and effort.  But that precious time and that undeniable effort is definately going to award that bright and dazzling black woman an exquisite look if she puts in the hours.  Get clicking and check out those glorious and ravishing black ladies in our photo galleries, see how good looking Rihanna is with those sleek and shiny hairstyles, Alicia Keys always plays a lavish one with her braids and cuts and not to mention Janet Jackson with her billowing natural locks that totally rock it.  Those are just a few of the celebs that look after their hair and reap the benefits day after day, never a hair out of place and always shiny, luscious and bang on trend.  They are constantly evolving their look, ever changing and working in harmony with fashions and seasons alike, great hairstyle rôle modes that we are loving and that just own that spotlight in style.

Short black hairstyles for 2014

Short black hairstyles

But those fabulous black ladies with that wonderful black hair also have that annoying problem of working with extremely curly hair that’s often dry and, quite simply, damn difficult to handle.  They are constantly battling with straightening irons, yearning after something that they have just not been blessed with and this is not only going to take some full on hard work but it’s also going to take a toll on those awesome natural curls.

I think we all know that during the summer months we need to be taking loads of care of our hair by protecting it against the sun’s harmful rays, we need to be be using some safeguard products to maintain and preserve our fantastic curls when we dive into that swimming pool and let’s not even get us started on sea water.  Summer may be glorious and we love to get out those glamorous dresses but it isn’t the only time of year that we need to be thinking about full on protection for maintaining the shine and stability of our curly black locks.  Winter can also bring some real pitfalls when it comes to hair care and something that we quite often seem to forget about.  So follow some of our great tips and tricks for an all year round and sophisticated shine and glow.

For starters, you’re all going to be aware that there’s breakage in our hair pretty much all year round and winter is definately not exhonorated as a season that brings these problems to light.  Our hair can be extremely delicate, it’s always going to prone to snapping and splitting, yet how many of us knew that the fashion statement woollen scarve that we’ve got draped around our necks is going to cause our hair to break at the nape’s of our neck.  And the scarf is not the only culprit… it may be snowing outside but wool doesn’t love black hair so before you get out that trendy bonnet, get out your sewing kit and invest in some fine, slinky and silky fabric that you can stitch into the lining of your favorite hat before you sit it right there on top of your head!  Get sewing and get lining all of your head gear and if you’re not capable of doing it yourself then bribe that favorite aunt who is a whizz with a needle and thread and always loves to help you out.

For another useful tip and one that you should already be doing religiously… it’s that good old deep and penetrating condition.  You need to invest in the best and most nourishing and moisterizing product that you can possibly find that suits your hair type a dream.  It needs to be used repeatedly and faithfully and if at all possible at least once every week.  If you stick to this regime you’ll soon start to see your hair reaping the benefits and rewards, it’s going to love and adore you for it, black hair saps up moisture like a frog loves the rain!

And finally, although this list is open ended, it’s probably a great idea to offer a last one on that age old problem of heat!  We’re talking about winter, yes it’s snowing outdoors, but inside you’ve got that indoor heating whacked up to full and you’re still insisting on blasting your locks with a blow dryer.  However, that’s not the only appliance that you’re pounding!  If you want to maintain moisture in your hair then you are going to need to go easy on the heat.  You need to unplug those flat irons and pack away and put right out of sight those curling irons too.  They are great for the odd occasion when you’ve got somewhere special to be but subjecting your hair to raging heat on a daily basis is never going to be any good for it.  Give it a rest and give your hair a well earned break!

Let’s go look over those awesome galleries, see some of those fantastic and spectacular short black hairstyles that Rihanna and Alicia Keys just love to love.  Of course, your also always going to find Halle Berry sporting a short crop that is trend setting and influencing for any black women in all of the corners of the globe.  There’s some unique and sleek styles that are ever evolving and changing, there’s every cut, ever style, every shape and a multitude of shades and colors just waiting to be contemplated.  So get searching and get clicking, we love you browsing through our celebrity photos.

Different length of hair for different type of the year

Summer is, of course, without question, is the totally best time of year to wear a short and sexy crop.  Those long and warm summer days are just begging for a great hairstyle that’s going to keep you cool and light and it offers the additional benefit of being relatively simple maintenance.  Yet once the fall kicks in and the winter months are looming you may want to consider something a little longer, something that makes you feel more protected, something that makes you feel as if you’re being cuddled and snuggled like your favorite winter blanket.  There are so many different looks to choose from, browse that gallery, get some ideas and then get along to your favorite salon.