Short haircuts for round faces and different people

It’s a difficult old job for us gorgeous black women out there, we battle and fight on occasions with those natural elements that we’ve had bestowed upon us.  We love our sensational skin shades and we quite simply adore that amazing booty… but we also have the problem of dealing with some all out unruly behaviour with our hair and finding a style that suits that crown we’ve been blessed with.  When choosing that style that is oh so important we want something that is going to work with the format of our hair, the architecture of the curl that we have, we need it to be simple and flattering, easy to style and easy to maintain.  Yet we also need it to work in harmony with our natural look, we need it to blend and conform to our face shape, we need our look to be our friend and we need it to cooperate and we also need it to have a true kinship with our contours.

You have a beautiful and roundish face, you are perusing through the galleries but what you really need are some tips and tricks.  You need to to know which look is going to love your face shape, you want to know what’s going to look all out amazing and what’s going to, quite simply, not rock.  Speak to that salon, get some ideas from our galleries that are packed with amazing photographs and then book a rendez vous with your cherished stylist, they are the true professionals and they know what works with your natural contours that you’ve been blessed with and they also know which styles are not going to be easy for you to sport.

Short haircuts for round faces

Short haircuts for round faces

Pixie cut

So before you have time to even consider what to wear tomorrow morning, let’s get going and talk about some of the looks that your gorgeous round faces are going to love.  And where would we be in life if we didn’t go in at the deep end and start with that sensational look that Halle Berry oh so loves, that adorable pixie cut.  The power pixie is bang on trend for 2015 and we are doubting that it’s going to be leaving those catwalks and sidewalks for 2016.  It’s that easy to maintain and wear cut that all of you black ladies with that round face shape should be seriously thinking about.  You may want to may a little attention to keeping it tightly cropped along the sides but give it a little height on the top and it will make you face look amazingly angular and bring out your cheekbones whilst enhancing your awesome eyes to boot.  Take it easy on the bangs and you’ll be loving this look and going back for more for the up and coming seasons ahead.  So what are you waiting for, get clicking, get searching and get dialling that salon for your rendez vous with your favorite stylist today… go on, you know you’ve always wanted that glamorous pixie cut.

Asymmetrical short haircuts

Now let’s just move right along, we’ve talked about that gorgeous pixie but you’re not sure you are ready to get on the high boards and take the plunge by diving right in.  You love the idea of a short crop but you are rather attached to that beautiful crest of curls that have been bestowed upon you, yet… maybe if your face is round you also might want to think about giving it something slightly longer, and we mean only a little bit here.  It’s not a crop but it’s still a short cut and it’s known as one of the Asymmetricals!  These cuts have a complete charm of there own, they are easy to wear and easy to style and always have cutting edge and are bang on trend.  They are out there this season and certainly aren’t leaving for the up and coming ones that we have ahead of us.  Assymetrical short haircuts love your round face shape, they will flatter and frame your face giving it contours and length.  They adore you like you can’t even begin to imagine so pick up your telephone and start booking that rendez vous with your stylist and then hop along and start clicking on our awesome galleries, we love you to love us and we love you just browsing on through to get some amazing inspiration for those sensational new styles.  Go see what’s hot and go see what’s not.


One of the most magnificent things that you can know about working a style alongside a rounder face is that you’ve been blessed with the ultimate detraction.  So many of us are so focused about our actual face shape that we forget the majority out there are more likely to look at those amazing locks as opposed to the actual architecture of your cute mask!  Your gorgeous sweep of sensational black hair is going to soften up your face with their curls and waves, detract and attract in fact.  With all of this in mind, we now have a whole bunch of different looks and ideas to get some inspiration.  It’s not just assymetricals and crops that are going to love your face shape and style.  You don’t need to be on a continual quest to add length to your look that you’ve been given, you can also just work with it, embrace it and cherish it and start to rock it like a diva.

Bangs for round faces

Have you ever considered something that is bang on trend and funky at the same time, something that is cool and choppy and ridiculously easy to style?  If the answer to that million dollar question is a resounding yes, then an awesome and gorgeous shaggy style could be the one for you!  It arrives in a myriad of formats and styles, there is a gargantuan and massive choice out there on this look and it will love your round features like the duck loves to play in the water.  You can plump for an adorable shaggy bob that sits just above the shoulder line, it will soften up the edges of your face and look glamorous and sophisticated all rolled into one.  Alternatively, you could work this one perfectly with assymetricals also, a little shorter on one side than the other, another look that will work perfectly with those contours giving you all out sensational style that you are oh so wanting.  It’s a great haircut that you can play with, something that you can restyle and rework to evolve and change it.  Our stars and celebs love it and it’s bang on for 2015 and heading for 2016 alike.  So what are you waiting for, get searching and clicking and see how our favorites are rocking it.

So let’s move it on a little and get onto that tetchy one… the one that you round faced beauties always love to believe that you should be avoiding.  This is a myth, it’s a misconception and a damn lie!  Those bang sceptics are so wrong and are just so so busted!  You want a bang well get on out there and rock one.  Yet… do take a little heed, you are going to be ideally sweeping it along to one side, in other words, get a bang and get it sculpted.  It’s going to love and flatter your face shape like a dream.  They look, quite simply, stunning, they are sensational with round faced ladies and look catwalk sensational at the same time.  You want to rock a bang then you just go ahead and rock one, it will adore you, we promise!

So let’s just summarize here for a minute, we all think you look full on awesome and sophisticated.  We love your face shape and we love the character it gives you… your personality, who you are.  Whatever the look that you are trying to achieve, there’s a whole bunch of them out there for you to rock and work like a diva and make you look a million dollars.  Yet as with everyone, there are considerations that just need to be made.  One of the most important ones for you round faced beauties is that you can do a bang, it’s not a lie, it will look amazing, but if you do go in for one avoid those heavy straight liners, don’t go for that radical horizontal line as it will do nothing but visually widen your gorgeous face.  That next one on this, nearly a listicle, has to be paying some contemplation to some elongated side bangs, or assymetricals, diagonals love you, they will elongate that lovliness that you have and make it look sensational.  And finally, give your hairstyle either some much cherished height or soft lines, you don’t need to be rocking both but one or the other will be full on awesome.

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