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There is a whole bunch of questions pertaining to those gorgeous short crops but one of the main ones has to be «can I wear it»?  We guess that the answer to this million dollar question has to be, do you want to wear it?  Are you looking to sport a power pixie, do you want to go in for a crop that’s going to work the curl, are you ready to loose those locks that you’ve been growing over the years, change your style and look in a major way!  If you’re asking the question, can I wear it, then clearly it’s not something that you’re not currently styling and rocking.  In addition, if you are asking this question then you are also thinking quite seriously about it… and so the answer has to be, if you want it, then get investigating, start looking into which crop’s going to suit your gorgeous style and face shape, see what’s out there and get snipping.

short hairstyles for black women

Short hairstyles for black women

Let’s start this process with an explaination of what a short hairstyle actually is.  We think it’s clear and plain to any outsider that a shaved head is under this banner, it’s radical and it’s, in short, very short!  None existent in some cases!  Next we reckon you can put the power pixies, fairly obviously, onto that list of what’s short and what not without too much of a detailed explaination, it’s crystal clear!  Afterwards the lengths considered to be short start to get a little blurry… well, if you ask your salon (and you ask us), the experts, they will invariably say to you that short is anything that is a good few inches above the shoulder line and that includes a gorgeous and classic bob cut.

Short hair is decidedly attractive and striking, it doesn’t rule out bangs and it gives you an air of sophistication.  On the other upside, it’s ridiculously easy to maintain and also as easy to keep healthy and shiny which always is going to assist the process of looking glamorous much simpler.  A short crop is a timeless classic, it accentuates the face and can depth to the structure of your features, your cheek bones and jaw line will always look more refined and your eyes will become more visible to the outside world, cosmetics will look more prominent and accessories will stand out and be infinately more noticable.  It looks sensational on an amazing amount of people but always remember that it needs a regular and good cut to keep on top of it and keep you ahead of the game, there’s nothing worse than an overgrown short crop!  So get along to our galleries where we’ve got a multitude of photos and examples and start planning that choppy move today, you’ll find all the tips and tricks that you can possibly wish for to help you along that fabulous journey!

Short hairstyles trends

So let’s just have a look through the different short styles that can be worn by you beautiful black women with your sultry good looks and your fantastic skin tones.  Let’s decide together what you should be looking at and what you absolutely should not!  There’s a myriad of choice and color out there, surely there’s something out there for you too, why wouldn’t there be?  So get ready to dazzle and get ready to shine, here’s just a few ideas for starters and they all work around your face shapes and features to help you jump off the high diving boards and take the plunge.


short hairstyles for women over 50

Short hairstyles for women over 50

So to run through this, shape by shape, we are going to look at some of the ideal looks that you should be considering to get you some noticable attention and admiration on those sidewalks, something that’s going to work in perfect harmony with that gorgeous black face that you’ve been blessed with and to kick the ball over the garden fence and get us started we are going to look at the face shape that loves and adores short crops… and that has to be an oval!  It saps up all of the power pixies and radicals like Rihanna loves her ever evolving looks.  You can sport it almost in any which way you possibly choose to, from full on shaved with a fierce attitude right through to a romantic and curly, character bob.  You can work fringes long and you can work them short, in essence, this look was created for you and your oval gorgeousness and you can wear it like a dream.

You are the woman that should be dialling the salon right away, you should be booking your rendez vous with your favorite stylist, that is, if you’re not already sporting one of these gorgeous looks already!


shaved short hairstyles for black women

Shaved short hairstyles for black women

Of course, the natural progression from oval, has to be a round face shape and if it works on not quite round then clearly it’s going to rock you round faced beauties too!  Your face shape is going to love them all, the pixie is pixie perfect and the full on short croppy and boyish cut is going to welcome you with it’s arms outstretched!  You will always look awesome with this versatile look and dazzle where ever you choose to take it.  It’s going to give you sophistication and glamor like never before and work those hollywood dresses and killer heels to perfection.  There are nearly no «buts» yet where would we be in life without one?  We need at least one even if it is only a small thing… and you need to take pay caution to it, no matter how tempted you might be, no matter if you’re desperate for it.  And that but is the heavy horizontal bang!  Don’t do it, it’s going to shorten your face shape and not enhance your features at all.  Bob it or boyish crop it by all means but don’t straight liner a fringe!  You can do a gorgeous sweeping side step if you like, you can add height and spike it, but don’t heavy liner it!

Now if you have one of those gorgeous little faces that is all cute like a pretty little heart, you’ll already be used to loving and adoring it.  They are so charming and delightful, they are the epitomy of sweet and short hair also can’t get enough of it and this is the one that you can do in just about any way shape or form like an oval, but one thing you may well want to look at is a nice sweeping side bang.  Those great bang’s will draw some sensational attention to your eyes and bring out those dainty features to make you look like the icing on the cake.  Yet again, however, like with the beautiful round shaped faces, avoid that heavy lined and horizontal bang if you can possibly help it.

Now the next two that are left on this subject are, firstly, you glamorous girls with those long faces.  You know that your rock it long and you’re always going to look amazingly interesting, you rock some color and you rock the curls in a serious way but you can also rock a short crop… well, shortish!  If you have been blessed with one of those simply beautiful long and graceful faceshapes you really should be considering something that’s soft, something that’s not too cropped and something that’s charming and shaggy.  This is the ultimate look for you, you will look and feel a million and one dollars with it and it fits your face shape like a glove.

And finally… if you have been bestowed with those one of those angular square faces that look all so attractive and gorgeous, one of those beautiful looks that can cut like a razor and looks so amazing every minute of the day then short is great.  Yet like with the longer faces, don’t crop it radical.  Your face loves a bob yet unlike that shaggy look it’s going to rock an angle much better.  Give it some diaganol and then do it again.  An angular side mohican or a bang that’s not quite on the level is spot on, you’ll work assymetrical in a bang on trend fashion, you can make a statement with your look and your style so sharpen it up and get it on with angles.

In a nutshell… are short hairstyles NOT for everyone?  Clearly that’s a mistruth, they are for everyone, they are for anyone, but you need to take caution and heed, work your face shape, work your look, work with what you’ve got and then go out and rock one like a diva!  If that’s what you want of course…

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