Celebrity-look for black women 2015 / 2016

So let’s just all get it on and get talking about it, we know that our hair types are different to other’s out there, we know that we have that gorgeous black hair that needs that oh so special care and attention, it’s got character, it’s got spirit and it’s got bucket loads of charm, yet it also has a mind of it’s own.  The architecture and format is something that we need to be cherishing, those curls need to be ahered to and we need to be, quite simply, rocking them and working alongside them in harmony to make them look elegant, give them that vied after sophistication and grace that they, and we alike, deserve.  A black woman needs to find that great and that perfect haircut, something that is going to enhance her hair type yet we also are always going to have to pay caution to the shape and form of that beautiful face.  It’s going to take help and you’re going to need advice, you are going to need information, it’s going to take some serious searching, but it’s also fun to discover these new things and learn about what style is going to be best suited to you.

Short hairstyles for black women 2013 Short hairstyles for black women 2013 curly Short hairstyles for black women 2013 straight

This is the point where we really have to start embracing and loving the internet, we have blessed in our time but never as much as we were blessed when those clever people out there bestowed technology upon us.  That gorgeous world wide web has given us many answeres to that myriad of questions that we have and where better to start with that web search for the ultimate hairstyle than here.  We have, quite simply, a multitude of photos of our sensational and glamorous stars and celebs, we’ve got the tips and we’ve also got the tricks, get along to our galleries and start clicking away at finding out which style is going to suit that wonderful face and get that black crown rocking and a rolling.

Let’s take a look at some of those awesome cuts and styles that are going to make you look just adorable for the up and current season, let’s just go ahead and discover what’s out there and hot and what’s just not.  Whether it’s something that’s elegant and chic or something that’s crazy and wild, let’s get you all started on that ultimate search and start discussing those fabulous and fantastic short crops that we either love and already sport, or are considering.  It’s a big step if you’ve never done it, you’ll be walking in the salon with trepidation, you know you want it but you don’t know if you can really pull it off and wear it in style.  There’s a whole bunch of sensational short cuts out there that are going to love your cute face, it’s going to enhance those deep eyes and give you something award winning that’s going to work perfectly in harmony to give you a sculptured bone structure and remain bang on trend for the seasons ahead.

So stop sighing over that hair type that you’ve been blessed with, stop hankering after that thing that you just don’t have and start enjoying it, check out our sensational galleries and click on those photographs of our wonderful stars and celebs and start introducing yourself to some of those cool and bang on trend short hairstyles that 2015 and 2016 are offering to you.  And once you’ve done your clicking on our site, get yourself onto our Facebook pages and start loving, start liking, start commenting and start sharing your thoughts, our images and your ideas with your friends.  Tweet about it in Twitter and don’t forget to hop along and get Pinning away on Pinterest.

Why short?

Quick question… why oh why do you want to wear and rock it short.  Well, the simple answer to that huge question has to be because the doors are wide open, the arms are outstretched and the 2015 season is full on adoring it.  And rest assured, it’s not going to stop there, it seems and appears that it’s hurtling towards being an all out favorite for next year to boot.  Now we know, we are more than appreciative and attentive to the fact that you have a positive mound of that stuff, we know the trouble that it can cause and the difficulties that you encounter at times when you try to deal with it, but maybe this is the way to tame and control those pesky demons that you battle against.  Short doesn’t have to be wild, it doesn’t have to be unruly and it can be nothing short of awe inspiring and breathtaking.  Take a look at Halle Berry, draw inspiration from Rihanna, they love to rock a short crop or power pixie and they do it in style whilst subduing those curls that they’ve been gloriously blessed with.  Alternatively, work with them, get radical in on the act and go for something that’s seriously short and amazing, color it amber magic, work with the trends and get yourself some well deserved attention.  Get those heads turning on the sidewalks and take the plunge, you’ll look sensational and amazing and will just ooze sex appeal and confidence all rolled into one.


Well, this is one of those sections that you’re all going to be scrolling down to, don’t we just know it… naughty curls that just won’t do as they’re told!  Well, we’ve got some awesome news for you, short hairstyles love those naughties and they also love the noughties.  It’s the solution for unruly, it will make you look neat and fabulous, it will tame the best of them and give you that air of sophisticated glamor that you adore.  A great boyish crop or pixie cut is the absolute must and ultimate for anyone that is sick to the back teeth of battling the battle.  It will make it easy to maintain, it will make it even easier to style and it’s perfect for jazzing and dazzling with this years wet look trend that is hitting those sidewalks.  It’s loving naughty curls and it’s your kinship, your new best friend.  Get your salon in on the act and start getting along to that stylists chair so that they can work their sensational magic with those scissors and then get on out and buy yourself some luxurious products to make you feel like a million and one dollars.

Short hairstyles for black women 2013

Ideas for straight hair

Of course, some of you are going to buck them, you are in denial of them and intend to remain that way.  You don’t want the curl or you are just one of those that have been born without them… well, maybe!  So why not consider some chichi, sleek side bangs, some of those oh so awesome and gorgeous neat bobs that look so bang on trend.  Fix it up with a sculpted bang or go in for one of those heavy horizontals.  Straight hair crops are always going to be magical and work fabulously on black hair, they are always going to give something to the outside world that’s both dramatic yet cute.  Straight can be worked as a power pixie and worked at a dazzling bob, it’s easy and it’s neat

it’s adorable and it’s manageable and to boot it will always be acceptable whether it be in the office or at a glamorous party.  It is a bang on trend look that 2015 is loving and it’s hurtling it’s way forward into 2016’s agenda too.  Get over to our galleries and get some inspiration, see how our stars and celebs are sporting their straight hair, Tyra loves this look and don’t even get us started on Halle Berry and Rihanna, they are always giving straight some serious lip service.

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