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If you are black woman and you have hit that amazing point in your life where you’ve hit that glorious 50 and you are now tipping on, over and beyond then you are awesome.  You’ll also, undoubtably, have been checking out what is hot and wha’t not for the up and coming seasons in the world of fashion and, in particular, the world of hair trends.  You’ve done the long, you’ve maybe even rocked braids, you’re at a stage in your life where you know what it’s all about, you know who you are and you definately know your hair type and what it’s going to allow you to do.  You’ve been browsing recently and you are just overjoyed and delighted to learn that what is being worn on the catwalks and sidewalks alike for ladies of your age range is some considerably sophisticated and vigorously glamorous, short and snappy cuts.

Curly short hairstyles for black women over 50

Curly short hairstyles for black women over 50

Pixie haircuts absolutely love you, it was popular and worn rigorously in the 60’s and you want to reproduce and bring back that era in the noughties!  It’s one of those scorching hot trends and you just know that you can wear it like a dream and it’s going to make you look even younger and even classier than ever before with the added bonus of being easy to maintain and style.

You’ve put in the hours over the years, you’ve maintained those gorgeous curls and now it’s time to relax and give life some all out fashionable and trendy style ease…

Short hairstyles for black women over 50

Short hair, overall, is one hundred percent everlasting in it’s look, it’s a way to give yourself some real glamor elegance and will always look sophisticated and sensational.  You’ve been using the same stylist and salon for generations and you have the maximum of confidence that they are going to, yet again, work some magic for you in your new look that you might be hankering after.

But let’s look at things… a short crop doesn’t have to be dedicated to that one and only pixie crop that you oh so know and love.  You are an old hand with a styling wand and you can go all out and achieve something astonishing with some sculpted bangs that will give some additional grace and character to that already chic head of hair that you own.  You can bring your look bang up to date and be rocking the sidewalks and gaining some real head turns for the year.  2015 and 2016 are loving the over 50’s, they’re positively embracing that styled look that you’re such an expert at.  This season it’s all about you and all about that simple and exquisite short cropped hair that you do so impeccably.

Short hair for black women over 50 2014

Short hair for black women over 50

It’s going to enhance your already beautiful skin, it’s going to speak volumes about your glamor and it’s going to delight in your face shape and love your wardrobe alike.  African American women of over 50 were built for that short and adorable crest, they look fabulous sporting it and their hair just loves it.

Our galleries are just chock full of some sexy, sophisticated and beautiful hairstyles that are waiting to be rocked and worn by our fabulous ladies of over 50 so why not get searching and clicking and be inspired.  Check out what’s working for the seasons ahead and discover the trends that are walking the sidewalks of 2015/2016.

Short hairstyles for black women over 50 2014

Short hairstyles for black women over 50

You are probably want to play it a little along the lines of safe and gentle so why not consider some longer layers throughout the top of your hair that will soften up that shorter hairstyle and give your appearance some true and classic elegance.  You’re always going to look fabulous if you go for the big one and get it all cut off but sometimes it’s just edgy and trend setting to be a little more delicate

and some layers are always going to bring out your facial structures, enhance those cheek bones and eyes alike.  That shorter cut will give you confidence and a sleek and chichi look that you oh so deserve.

Of course, it’s not just the radically short cut that is going to suit our adorable African American ladies that are over 50, you are also perfect candidate for some of those Whitney Houston cascading curls that look awesome with a short haircut and it’s just that little less drastic.  A tousled waterfall of hair that just loves to be styled may be the look that is just begging to be tried.  It’s easy to maintain and it look a million dollars, it’s great for most hair types and will always look fresh and bang on trend.

But enough of these short crops, let’s also have a look at the slightly longer ones that you gorgeous over 50’s completely love.  Those amazing bobs are also full on and out there for African American ladies like yourselves.  They are versatile and easy to work and always give an air of elegance with their age defying grace.  The beauty of a well cut bob is that it’s incredibly versatile once you’ve defined the style and bob cut that you’re after.  One day you can wear it curly and natural and the next it can by styled into a sleek and slick, 50’s Hollywood style diva look.  Even the over 50’s can suit an assymetrical bob, you can work a fringe into your bob for a sculpted bang and you can also go for a fabulous A liner that will bring out all of your wonderful features, highlighting and accentuating your cheek bones and giving you a look that is always going to be smart and snappy.

Another thing that is always be a consideration when you hit that certain age range is accepting, or maybe not if you are one of the lucky ones, that change of hair color.  There is absoluting no point in denying it, albeit that it’s not inevitable, there is a strong possibility that those silver strands are going to now start creeping right along into that gorgeous head of hair you have.  Now there are several ways of looking at this. The first silver strand that you find is always going to be the most alarming one, but you are getting a little more used to dealing with them, so what are you going to do about it.  The choices are obvious, you either are going to have to learn to love and work with them or you’re going to go down the chemical route, for use of a finer expression!  There is nothing more imposing and alluring then a full and fine head of silver hair, especially on a black woman, it’s incredibly striking and stunning and works fabulously in harmony with your already beautiful skin tones that you’ve been blessed with, yet, it’s not everyones first choice.  And the color choice for the over 50’s is something that’s going to take some fairly careful consideration.  You clearly don’t want to go for something bold and look like you’re trying to rock like Rihanna in her youthful 20`s but you want a color that is going to blend and conform with the skin that you’re in.  The warmer and more autumnal tones that are bang on trend for 2015/2016 work amazingly well for a woman in her 50’s.  They will illuminate her face and give her an awesome lift that will only add to the enhancement of her style.  A fantastic new shade will give you a new lease of life and only increase that sensational confidence that you possess, work it with your wardrobe and take it out there and wear your shade with pride and grace.  Of course, there is absolutely no point in talking about hair care here, you’ve done it for years and you’ve bought enough moisturizing mist and deep conditioning treatments in the past that it’s as familiar to you as Diana Ross is to the Supremes.

So get yourself along to our galleries and get clicking away on those searches, we’ve got some awesome and amazing photographs of celebrities that are over 50 and looking like they’ve just walked off the catwalk.  There are a myriad of styles to choose from and a multitude for inspiration, that style is out there and it’s waiting for you.  And then get along to your telephone and go and book that rendez vous with you very own and much loved salon and stylist, they are going to love your new look as much as you should be adoring your very own self.

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