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That gorgeous sun is out, the blossom has bloomed, the beaches are jam packed and full to the gunnels of beautiful and bronzed bodies and we’ve been out and bought that gorgeous bikini that we oh so loved and wanted.  This can only mean one thing… summer is just a short way around the corner, it’s maybe already on us and we just love it.  It’s a great season, one of the all time favorites and one that makes our wardrobes and haircuts sing out loud.  It’s that time of year where we can be versatile, we can feel amazing and look stunning and sensational.  Those dresses are loving those killer heels and those vitamins that we’re getting from that fabulous ball of fire in the sky are giving us an ever welcomed lease of life.

Summer blonde hairstyles for black women

Summer blonde hairstyles for black women

We adore this time, life just becomes so much easier, it’s relaxed and the people around us are relaxed and so that can only mean one thing.  It’s time to dig out everthing that we own in our wardrobe that’s cute and so it’s inevitable that we are going to want that sensational hairstyle to match.  It’s a great time to be thinking about short crops, it’s perfect for a change of shade or color

and it’s spot on for lightening it up a little and rocking some highlights, it’s also that right time for getting along to your stylist and fixing up those braids that you always wanted.  So what are you waiting for, get searching and get clicking, clicking, clicking on our galleries.  We’ve got superstars, we’ve got celebs, there’s glitz and there’s glamor and a multitude of damn fine inspiration for you to find that ultimate summer scorcher that you know’s going to look sensational.

2015/2016 is both electrifying and sparkling in it’s new season’s styling.  It’s a real scorcher for those power pixie crops and it’s loving it’s classic and chichi bobs.  You can wear them with pride and even better, during this new summer season you can give them a wet look.  It loves and adores your hair and it’s, quite simply, all out rocking those catwalks and sidewalks alike.  It’s sophisticated and it’s cute and it’s going to give you some ultimate sex appeal and get you some well deserved attention for it’s summer sizzle.  So give it some grace and give it some elegance and maybe also give it some highlights and shades and get yourself bang on trend and be a fashion diva with a new season cut that will rock your awesome world.

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layered summer hairstyles for black women

Layered summer hairstyles for black women

Best summer hairstyles look

So it’s not only the style, it’s not only the cut that’s going to be a consideration for this up and coming scorcher of a summer.  You may have browsed and you may have done some decent homework, but you also know that you’re looking for an even bigger change to that ultimate crowning glory.  You are wanting to sport some new highlights, a new shade to bring you bang on trend and get those heads turning on the sidewalks and you want to hit the nail on the head with it.  Your stylist is definately the one to speak to, you should have your salon already on speed dial and they are the professionals that should be tackling this tricky business.  A color choice is wide and varied but it’s also a huge step, it needs to be right, you don’t want any of those awful faux pas and to end up with something that you really didn’t expect, you are not going to dig any nasty surprises so get the professional in on the picture and book that rendez vous today.


mohawk summer hairstyles for black women

Mohawk summer hairstyles for black women

There’s a whole host of different shades that you can choose from but this year is definately the time for considering those warm and golden sunshine colors.  They will enhance your already beautiful skin tones, add extra sensation to it whilst giving you that amazing style change that you’re after.  They’re cosy, they’re gorgeous and they look, quite simply, awesome and sensational on all haircuts and styles.  Go clicking through our galleries and get your creative flair into gear, get some inspiration and start planning that shade change.

very short summer hairstyles for black women

Very short summer hairstyles for black women

Alternatively, another great shade and look that is out there on the catwalks and sidewalks alike this summer has to be that classic and elegant platinum blond crop.  It’s been adorned and loved by our celebs and stars and really is a winner, it’s making it’s appearance and hitting the world like a whirlwind.  It looks chic and it looks awesome and will give you something that’s neat, clean and polished and befitting for all those occasions that life is going to throw at you.  It’s perfect for a date, it’s got sex appeal and it’s alluring, it’s going to work in the office and it’s also going to dazzle at that glamorous party that you’ve got booked in your diary and so what are you waiting for, get phoning and get booking that salon appointment today.

That summer crop is always going to love a shade change, the pixies are built for it and those tousled and tumbling waterfalls that fall just above the shoulder line look awesome with those warm and glowing colors.  Yet it’s not just that sophisticated and elegant short crop that those gorgeous shades just love, a classic bob is also the perfect accompaniment for a shade change.  Get along and try out an adorable assymetric shape with some striking highlights, or maybe rock a great A liner with them.  Those layers are also going to sap up some color giving it texture and warmth that’s going to be a match for any of those scorching summer days.

And of course, it’s not only that awesome crop that’s going to cool on the inside whilst the temperature outside is rising.  Braids are a true summer breeze giving you something alternative, something that’s simple to maintain and also that extra bonus of being a total morning time saver, what more could you ask for… it’s all just going to give you that extra few hours at the beach or poolside and isn’t that what summer is all about?

So now that we’ve covered those endless and timeless possibilities let’s not forget about that crucial other point.  It may be hot outside and you may have achieved a cool look that’s going to raise the temperature gauge to explosive but there is also a rather important matter that you need to always take into account.  That vital, that crucial, that oh so critical point has to be the care of your beautifully sculpted crown.  It’s all well and good coming out of the salon and looking like a million dollars but it really needs to remain that way.  You are going to need to be investing in some great quality shampoo, likewise with conditioners and also some moisture boosting and gorgous mists not to mention those all out life giving deep conditioning treatments.  Don’t let your hair get over exposed to those elements and take some particular care with those harmful pool waters and don’t get us started on that gorgeous stuff that you find in the ocean.  You may love them but your hair’s going to need protection from those natural elements, your amazing and wonderful, curly black hair may look nothing short of sensational but it loves moisture, it wants you to feed it and nourish it and so you’re going to have to put in just a little bit of extra effort at this glorious time of year.

So what are you waiting for, get searching and get clicking, the inspiration is in abundance, our stars are rocking these scorching summer looks, they’re wearing it hot and there sporting it with all out glamor and they’re bang on trend.  Get browsing at our photographs, get over to our awesome and awe inspiring galleries and see what styles you love and adore and then pick up that phone and get dialling that salon, go visit your favorite stylist and start your summer with a red hot bang.

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