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Braid styles

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Braids are up there and out there, they are trendy, they’re fabulous and they’re full on funky… but we don’t really need to be telling you that, it’s something that you already know!  But have you, did you ever, will you ever dare to?  It’s quite a big fashion statement on that ever evolving fashion catwalk but it’s an awesome statement nonetheless.  So if you are thinking along the lines of maybe some fishtails or waterfalls or maybe some amazing dutch braids and milkmaids you’ll be sure to find a myriad of styles and designs out there that are just waiting for you and your gorgeous black hair.  They are positively a creative work of art, they’re imaginative, something that you can design for yourself that’s going to give you a spirit and character of your very own.  So get yourself down to our galleries right here on line and start clicking for some ideas, there is a multitude of choice out there from beautifully regular to the bang on trend yet a little crazy… which braid is the one for you?

Braid styles 2014

Braid styles

Oh how we love and adore them, we never ever tire of them, those elaborate weaves that supply you with countless, in fact endless, styling opportunites no matter what the shade, color, structure or length of that breathtaking head of hair that you own.  Rihanna has loved them and rocked them on numerous occasions and she’s not our only celeb.  Go along and check them out on all of our awe inspiring pages on this fantastic site and also don’t forget about our social media pages, go along and Pin It on Pinterest and like us on Facebook and, of course, don’t forget those famous Tweets on Twitter… we love and adore you and we love you to love us.

That wonderful black hair is always going to benefit from being versatile, it suits a array of differnt styles and cuts, from that classic and sleek bob to the elegant and sophisticated boy crop, yet braids is the one that is the penultimate and concluding rock and roller!  It’s the popular and top summer season hairstyle, they will keep you cool when the temperature outdoors is rising, they get you noticed and turn heads on that sidewalk and they are super easy to look after and maintain.  So get your creative juices flowing and make a rendez vous with your favorite salon and stylist today, you know you’re dying to give it a whirl…

Braid styles black women 2014

Braid styles black women

Braid styles look for 2015 / 2016

Those red carpet braids for a black woman are obviously cool for those temperature rising summer months but they’ll also look scorching hot throughout fall and winter, every time is prime time to rock it and get your plait on, so get some motivation and get a legion of ideas from our fabulous stars and celebs alike, whether it’s a simple and chichi side plait with some casualwear or whether it’s something more elaborate for a touch of the Hollywood glamor, you’re going to love the selection that 2015/2016 has on offer.  It’s an all year round style that’s going to give you confidence and attitude, so get those heads turning on the sidewalks and get yourself some awesome and fabulous braids.

Cornrows braid styles 2014

Cornrows braid styles

Yet before you begin you will want to always remember that braided hairstyles are always going to be in fashion, thankfully they just don’t date!  They are never too old, you are never too old, they are never too last year, not to put too finer point onto it, they have been created to last forever, an eternal style for black woman to love, adore and cherish.  The other great thing is that there are so many alternative ways to wear braids from the easy, simple and stylish running right along through to those elaborate and ingenous creations that are very much in tone to an individual.  Your very own artistic imagination can run wild and you can create your very own bespoke design to be talked about and that will make a statement, something that will make you feel positively glorious and gorgeous at any one time.  Alongside this, you can also remain confident that your braided style is going to be fitting for all routine occasions and situations whether it be formal or just going into the office on a daily basis, you can wear them with pride and delight, they are not only acceptable but also admired by many.

Braid styles black women fashion 2014

Braid styles black women

So that everlasting and trendy hairstyle is going to suit each and every woman who’s been blessed and bestowed with that delightful and devine head of thick, black and naturally curly hair.  It’s just waiting and it’s begging to be braided, they are always going to adore you hair, make you look different and make you stand out from others at that glamorous and glitzy party.  And albeit that they are an easy maitenance hairstyle, they do need a little work to keep them in tip top condition at all times, why not check out some of our useful tips and tricks to help you along the way to achieving some beautiful braids for that beautiful crown you own.

And to begin, let’s take a look at one of the most crucial and vital tips… as with those cold and wintery months, your hair is going to be a little more fragile when you’ve gone in for those fabulous and timeless braids and so you need to take heed to keep them in place and to avoid those pesky breakages.  One of the best tips that you can benefit from has to be that all essential bedtime headscarf!  Wherever possible, cover up your braiding with something smooth and silky at bedtime, something that’s soft and comfortable.  It will prevent breakages and also prevent that nightmare itching of your head which is only going to dislodge your awesome braids, something that you want to avoid at all costs!  The more you itch, the more they’ll move and your hair will break, so don’t do it and get it on with some slink!

Short Braid styles 2014

Short Braid styles

The next useful tip and trick that you’re going to be needing to pay heed to, is to speak up!  Be vocal at all times when you’re in the stylists chair, this isn’t supposed to be a painful experience, you shouldn’t be needing to rely on painkillers to function, they really really shouldn’t hurt!  So if you’re sitting in the salon and your creation is in the process of becoming a reality and it’s hurting, you need to say so.  They shouldn’t be tight to the point of being excrutiating.  Beauty has it’s pain from time to time, killer heels is the first one that springs to mind, but to live from day to day, month to month, with a tense headache from braids that are just too tight is not what it’s about!  Yet on saying that, they may be a little uncomfortable in the initial outset, however, there are ways of overcoming this problem before you waltz in to your salon and demand your hard earned cash back!  One of the best ways to loosen them up a little, make them a little more comfortable, is to drizzle some warm water over your hair and then gently massage your braids to just ease and relax them, try this on a couple of occasions and you should soon find yourself with something that’s not requiring an asprin the minute you jump out of bed.

And on a final note, there is that ever important and moisturizing mist… this is one of those tips that we should all be adhering to, black hair is prone to dryness and saps up that moisture with extreme thankfulness!  Your hair loves it, it idolizes and worships it and so cherish your hair and give it a full on and awesome spray as part of your regular beauty regime.

So let’s be gracious and let’s embrace them, those amazing, those fantastic and fabulous braids that we all love and adore so much.  There are so many different styles out there to choose from and so

there’s a guarantee that you’re going to find on that is fit for your crown!  They look awesome and to boot they don’t date and don’t give caution to age.  Anyone can rock them from the young to the not so young and some of our most fantastic singers and acresses have sported some breathtaking braided hairstyles over the years.  Get yourself along to our galleries and see some of the photographs of our stunning black women who love their braids.  Alicia Keys has had a multitude of different styles throughout her career and I think we can all agree that she looks astonishing.  Yet she’s not alone, there’s a legion of them to browse through, take a look and see who you recognise, there’s no denying the fact that they all look simply stunning.

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